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NCLB Highlights Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Winter Conference January 18, 2007.

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1 NCLB Highlights Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Winter Conference January 18, 2007

2 2 NCLB Application No major changes in application format – just fine-tuning worksheets and instructions Application available on Forms & Grants week of February 5 Submit application in substantially approvable form by June 30 in order to begin obligating funds by July 1

3 3 Substantially ApprovableForm Program activities are described and correlate to budgets. Budgets and narratives are included. Signed cover and assurance pages are submitted

4 4 NCLB Application (continued) Final allocations are typically available from USDE in late June. Districts are strongly encouraged to submit applications before school ends. Budgets based on estimates from last year can be updated after actual allocations are received.

5 5 NCLB Monitoring Will be including a new fiscal component based on increased USED emphasis Larry Fanning – School Finance Specialist – will coordinate fiscal monitoring Areas of focus: Internal controls in purchasing and procurement Equipment and property inventory Supplement not Supplant

6 6 English Language Proficiency (ELP) ELP Assessment test window changed to February 1 – March 31 Test security regulations apply to ELP assessment LEP student exit criteria changed to once proficient on annual state ELP assessment (effective spring 2007)

7 7 Limited English Proficient (LEP) Former LEP students in grades 3-10 must be monitored for two years on SBAs Former LEP students in grades 11-12 must be monitored on local academic criteria such as courses & grades Former LEP students will count in LEP subgroup for AYP for two years

8 8 New Immigrants Proposed: new immigrants that are LEP and first enrolled in a US school within 12 months prior to SBA, but after the previous years SBA administration: May be excused from reading and writing SBA May choose not to have math score included for AYP

9 9 School & District Improvement School Improvement plans due October 1 (for Title I schools at Level 2 and above) District Improvement plans due November 1 (for districts at Level 2 and above) Districts at Level 4 are in Corrective Action Regulations 4 AAC 06.840 (j)

10 10 Alaska Comprehensive Center Funded through multi-year grant from USDE to SERRC in partnership with NWREL To increase capacity for state education agencies to effectively implement provisions and goals of NCLB Research-based strategies, technical assistance experts, and resources to meet needs of Alaskas lowest performing schools (can link from

11 11 Instructional Audit Instrument Developed by AK Comprehensive Center in collaboration with EED Instrument used by teams that visited schools at Level 4 and 5 Instrument available through AK Comprehensive Center website for optional school use in self- evaluation:

12 12 Instructional Audit Focus Areas Curriculum is aligned with GLEs Assessment is frequent, rigorous and aligned with GLEs Instructional strategies are effective and meet needs of each student Supportive Learning Environment Professional Development based on data & reflecting needs Leadership focused on improved student achievement

13 13 Alaska Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC) Funded through five year grant from USDE to SERRC Project Partners Anchorage School District Copper River School District Delta/Greely School District Lower Yukon School District RurAL CAP

14 14 Alaska PIRC Project Vision Develop a system of information and support for parents to understand and access educational services from birth to grade 12. Train and support a cadre of parent Language and Cultural Liaisons (LCLs) to work with parents and school staffs. Infuse best practices from Parents As Teachers (PAT) and early learning programs into the K-12 setting.

15 15 Alaska PIRC Information Project Staff: Julie Staley – Project Director Mike Travis – Project Coordinator Parent information website under development now:

16 16 Early Learning Performance Standards/GLEs for K-2 recently adopted (4 AAC 04.150) Early Learning Guidelines for birth – preK available on EED website under More Headlines Ready to Read, Ready to Learn – contact Paul Sugar at EED for more information

17 17 Growth Model for AYP Alaska submitted 3rd application 12/15/06 Addressed comments from prior submissions Students must be proficient or on track to be proficient in 4 years to count positively for AYP Expect response in April Information available on EED website under More Headlines

18 18 Science Assessments Will be piloted in spring 2007 in most districts Science tests operational in grades 4, 8, & 10 in 2008 Practice items available in 2007-2008 Will not count for AYP

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