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Comprehensive Success Review Overview Presentation August 2010.

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1 Comprehensive Success Review Overview Presentation August 2010

2 History Comprehensive Success Review is based on 1.District Audit Tool: A Method for Determining Level of Need for Support to Improvement –Developed by Comprehensive Assessment Systems for ESEA Title I State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards and Region IV Comprehensive Technical Assistance Center at Edvantia 2.2008-09 Delaware Pilot – Focus Monitoring –3 Districts –11 Schools

3 What is the Comprehensive Success Review? Comprehensive review of school programming, student performance and processes –based on analysis of quantitative and qualitative measures national research on school improvement

4 Purpose Improve outcomes for students –by providing feedback for school success planning and implementation of effective practices feedback to improve LEA practices/support to schools

5 Goal Identify areas of strengths and challenges in the research-based elements Develop strategies to address the areas of need Include these needs, strategies and associated measures in the School Success Plan Inform continuous improvement process

6 Quantitative Measures AYP Achievement Metric (Level of Need) –ELA and Math Performance for all subgroups (cells) for which a school is responsible –Standardized distance from the target Performance in other Content Areas Graduation Rates Drop-out Rates Free & Reduced Lunch/Extended Poverty Data HQT Data School Conduct Data Student and Staff Attendance Data Changes in Building Leadership Staff Turnover

7 Qualitative Measures Interviews Focus Groups Classroom Walk-throughs Document Reviews

8 Research-based Elements Leadership for Learning 1.Leadership 2.Budget and Resources 3.Teacher and Student Class Assignment Teaching and Learning 4.Curriculum and Instruction 5.Assessment and Accountability 6.Professional Development Connections to Learning 7.School Environment 8.Parents and Community

9 Activity Count off to form 8 groups Concentrate on your research-based element (corresponds to group #) Discuss why you think the criteria selected is important to school success? –Report out to whole group What evidence can the school provide to determine level of success? –Post on large tablets –Walk around and Review all 8 elements

10 Major Components of the Comprehensive Success Review Desk Audit –Data Review Site Visit –Gather additional information to determine current practice Scoring Technical Assistance

11 Desk Audit Review quantitative data Understand school specific characteristics Develop site visit and scoring schedules

12 Site Visit Protocols Document Review Interviews with School Leadership Interviews with Teachers Classroom Walk-throughs Student Focus Groups Parent Focus Groups

13 Scoring Process Entire team reviews and discusses evidence for each criterion item under each research-based element Comments are created to provide feedback on strengths and challenges for each criterion

14 Technical Assistance Interpreting results Prioritizing needs Determining Objectives, Measures, and Strategies Developing Project Management Maps, as appropriate Analyzing Progress Connecting Schools to Resources

15 Activity In pairs, discuss how this Comprehensive Success Review will –reveal areas of strength –reveal areas of need –improve planning process –improve practices –improve student outcomes

16 Title 14, Delaware Admin Code 103.7.1 (Regulation 103) A school that is in Under Improvement Phase 1 shall: –Utilize the Departments Comprehensive Success Review process, which includes an audit tool, an on-site visit, and feedback on strengths and opportunities for improvement

17 Which schools are required to utilize the Comprehensive Success Review? All schools in Under Improvement Phase I (School Improvement Year 1) 22 Schools in 10 Districts 3 Charter Schools

18 LEAs required to participate in the Comprehensive Success Review? Districts –Appoquinimink (2) –Brandywine (1) –Caesar Rodney (3) –Cape Henlopen (1) –Capital (3) –Colonial (5) –Milford (1) –Seaford (3) –Smyrna (1) –Red Clay (2) Charter Schools –Campus Community –Pencader –Thomas Edison

19 Can other schools participate in a Comprehensive Success Review? Yes, however, time and capacity will determine priority –Schools selected for Partnership Zone –Schools awarded a 1003(g) SIG –Schools within a participating LEA Schools in deeper levels of Improvement Schools at different grade levels –Schools within LEAs not scheduled for reviews Schools in deeper levels of Improvement Schools at different grade levels

20 Activity Within your LEA team, discuss benefits to conducting review for –Required schools –Other schools in deeper levels of improvement –All schools

21 What are the steps to conducting a Comprehensive Success Review? 1.Schedule a Review –October through April 2.Attend full day training –September 15 – Kent County –September 16 – New Castle County –September 22 – Sussex County 3.Conduct Desk Audit –2 hours pre-visit meeting per school 4.Participate in Site Visit Review –1 full school day 5.Score Rubric –1 full day

22 What are the steps to conducting a Comprehensive Success Review? 6.Write, Review, and Finalize Report 7.Report Results –School Administrator(s) –School Leadership Team –School Staff –School Board –School Community 8.Provide Technical Assistance

23 Implementation Training Overall Process Guidelines and Procedures for Site Visits Protocol Roles Deeper Understanding of Rubric Protocol Training –Review –Model –Practice Document Review Verify/Document Supporting Evidence Scoring Process Site Visit Scheduling Support Next Steps

24 Who must attend the training? LEA Staff –Curriculum –Special Education –Support Services –Business/Finance –Grant Programs –Family/Community –Professional Development –Technology –Human Resources School Administrator Department of Education Staff Contracted Individuals –DASL –Distinguished Educators –SPAC

25 Activity Within your LEA team, determine –LEA Contact –LEA Staff to participate in review(s) –Month best to conduct review(s) October through April

26 Next Steps Convey designated LEA contact –Provide name before leaving session, or –Email name to Geri Donahue Register for September training –Respond to email invite from Geri Donahue Sign-up for School Reviews –Available dates will be sent to LEA Contact –Email preferred 1 st and 2 nd choice per school to Geri Donahue

27 Questions???

28 For More Information - Contact Lori Duerr 302-857-3320 OR Ted Jarrell 302-857-3320

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