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Welcome to the Computer Lab

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1 Welcome to the Computer Lab
Teacher: Miss Schlup


3 Computer Lab Rules #1 Turn on Computers when appropriate. Tower- CPU

4 Computer Lab Rules #2 Students are not allowed to perform any internet searches or install programs.

5 Computer Lab Rules #3 Keep all food and drinks away from computers.

6 Computer Lab Rules #4 If the computer asks if you would like to do something, like download, install or anything you are not sure about, ASK THE TEACHER.

7 Computer Rules #5 Treat the lab equipment right, touching lightly.

8 Computer Lab Rules #6 If something inappropriate (BAD) comes onto your screen, turn off the MONITOR immediately and let your teacher know.

9 Computer Rules #7 If you need the teacher or a lab helper, get their attention in the correct way. No yelling out!

10 Computer rules #8 Print only when you have permission.

11 Emergency Procedures

12 In the event of a fire drill, students should line up at the door.
Exit the room, making a right hand turn. Walk all the way down the hallway and out to the blacktop playground. View video

13 Tornado Drill Students should exit the room, making a left and walk down to the corner of the hallway. Students should sit, duck and cover facing the wall (same side computer lab is on).

14 Earthquake Drills Students should drop and take cover under a desk or table. When notified to vacate the building, students should exit the building using the fire drill route. View fire drill route

15 Intruder Drill When you hear “Maximum Lockdown” or “Medium Lockdown”
Sit quietly and follow directions. If you are out of the room, go inside the nearest classroom. Do Not open the door for anyone.

16 Entering and Exiting Procedures

17 Entering Listen for directions when in the hallway.

18 Entering When entering the computer lab, pump one squirt of Germ-X in your hand.

19 Entering Go to the beginning of your row and get a cotton ball from the green container. Pump FOUR pumps of alcohol on the cotton ball.

20 Entering Wipe off the headphones, keyboard and mouse BEFORE you use them. Throw your cotton ball in the blue bin next to the alcohol pump.

21 Entering Sit down at your computer and wait for directions.

22 Exiting Save your work (if necessary) Log out
Put your headphones where they belong Wait for your row to be called Stand up and push your chair in. Line up quietly at the door (Hands and feet to yourselves please!)

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