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Safety in the Classroom

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1 Safety in the Classroom
A comprehensive look at common hazards within our Business Education classroom.

2 Identify the Electrical Equipment
Computers Projectors Printers Scanner Make note of their locations and how to use them. If you see any lose or frayed wires, please notify me.

3 Logging on …Logging off
Log on: You will be given a username and password at the beginning of the year. Memorize it or keep in a safe place. Do NOT share your username and password. Log off: Before leaving the computer lab you must log off your username.

4 Policies of Computer Usage
Do NOT hit or bang the computer. Do NOT yell at the computer. Raise your hand if you need assistance. Stay on task: Do not open other programs. Do not work on other class work. Do NOT modify the desktop and its icons. Do NOT change the wallpaper or screensaver.

5 Outside Materials Do not install any outside software, programs, or games from the Internet.

6 The Internet Appropriate Sites Inappropriate Sites
Any sites provided by the teacher. Inappropriate Sites Do not play online games, such as role play and card games. Do not download instant messengers. Any site not pertaining to class should be avoided.

7 Horseplay Do not irritate other students.
Do not yell, scream or hit any item in the classroom. Ask for HELP not ANSWERS. Do NOT copy. Do not play around physically, do not throw things, or pass implements through the air.

8 Safety Issues in the Classroom
No food or drinks allowed in computer lab. Walk, never run! Don’t lean back in chairs. Health issues will be addressed on a case by case basis. No Gum! File cabinet safety: only one drawer open at a time, heavy material in bottom drawer. Prevent Eyestrain: look away, blink often. Remember your keying techniques! Never look at the light in the copier. Keep fingers and other items out of the shredder. Use legs not back when lifting heavy items. Keep the classroom clean!

9 Fire and Tornado Know your exits. Know school procedures.
There will be lesson on emergency exits later in the year. Stay calm, do not panic, exit orderly. Take only necessary belongings.

10 Traffic Prevent isle rage!!
Keep high traffic areas free of debris. Do not trip people walking down the isle. Open doors slowly.

11 Quick Reference A list of Safety rules in class!
Make sure your hands are clean from food, debris, and dirt before using the keyboard, mouse, and other technology in the classroom. Do NOT hit, yell, push, bang the computer or other students. Keep all areas clean from trash and debris. WALK, do not run. Know how to log off and on. Know how to use the projection materials and where they are plugged in. Know how to use printers, copier, and scanners; ask for help if needed. If spills occur, clean it up as soon as possible and notify the teacher ASAP. Safety is the game and you are the players. If you question anything, just ask!!

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