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Southeast Asia in the Era of the Spice Trade

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1 Southeast Asia in the Era of the Spice Trade
Ch. 6 Section 3

2 Emerging Mainland States
Mainland states are part of a continent, as distinguished from peninsulas or offshore islands. Southeast Asia is forming its own ethnic and cultural traits. (communities are forming) However, emerging states caused conflicts. (ex. Burma and Thailand)

3 Mainland States con. Vietnam subdued their rival state of Champa then they took the Mekong delta from the Khmer, a monarchy that virtually disappeared by 1800.

4 Emerging Powers Muslims from the west moved into the Melaka region and formed an empire in the 1500s. The Melaka empire was powerful b/c of their location in the spice trade.

5 The Arrival of Europeans
1511, the Portuguese seized Melaka and soon controlled the Moluccas, or Spice Islands. English and Dutch traders showed in the region and pushed the Portuguese out. They were better manned, equipped, and financed than the Portuguese. Shortly after the Portuguese were forced out, the Dutch pushed the English out of the region.

6 European presence in Southeast Asia
Europeans supported politics that kept them in the region. They tried to send missionaries to convert the people to Christianity. The inhabitants pushed many Europeans out the region b/c they dislike European imperialistic ways.

7 Religious and Political Systems
4 Styles of Monarchy 1. Buddhist 2. Javanese 3. Islamic 4. Vietnamese

8 1. Buddhist Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.
The King served as the link between humans and the universe.

9 2. Javanese India Rulers believed to maintain the between the material and spiritual worlds.

10 3. Islamic Sultans Malay Peninsula and Islands of Indonesia.
Rulers were viewed as humans w/ special qualities. They were defenders of the faith & staffed the Bureaucracy – non-elected government officials.

11 4. Vietnamese China and Vietnam Emperor ruled by Confucian Principles.

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