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Chapter 28 The New Frontier and the Great Society.

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1 Chapter 28 The New Frontier and the Great Society

2 The Election of 1960 This began the era of television politics. Democratic candidate – John F. Kennedy Republican candidate – Richard M. Nixon Focus was on the economy & the Cold War. Kennedy was concerned about the missile gap Nixon thought we were on the right track.


4 Results

5 The Kennedy Mystique JFKs youth, optimism, & charisma inspired Americans. JFK said, ask not what your country can do for youask what you can do for your country. 1 st Pres. To broadcast his press conferences live on t.v.


7 Success & Setback on the Domestic Front Agenda known as the New Frontier. Hoped to: Increase aid to education, provide health insurance to the elderly, create a Dept. of Urban Affairs, and help migrant workers. It was too costly and mostly unsuccessful.

8 Successes Advocated the New Deal strategy of deficit spending. Invested more funds for defense & space exploration. Increased business production and efficiency.

9 JFK helps women Created the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. Called for action against gender discrimination & equal pay.

10 Warren Court Reforms Chief Justice Earl Warren took an activist tone. Took on civil rights, freedom of the press, separation of church & state, and rights of the accused. Reapportionment – one man, one vote – required legislatures to reapportion electoral districts so that all citizens votes would have equal weight.


12 Major Decisions of the Warren Court ***chart on page 844 – know at least 1 from each of the following: –Civil Rights –Due Process –Freedom of Religion & Freedom of Speech

13 Kennedy Confronts Global Challenges Focused much time on foreign policy due to the Cold War. Supported flexible response – he asked for a buildup of conventional troops and weapons. Alliance for Progress – series of projects to improve Latin American relations. Peace Corps - helped less developed nations fight poverty. Space Race began as well.

14 The Cuban Missile Crisis 1959 – JFK approved a secret plan for Cuban exiles, trained at La Brigada, to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs & revolt against the Soviet-supported Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. It failed – Khrushchev began to place nuclear missiles in Cuba to counteract U.S. missiles in Turkey.

15 Cuban Missile Crisis Oct – JFK found out about Soviet ships w/ nuclear missiles going to Cuba. He ordered a blockade of Cuba. Khrushchev agreed to send the ships back & remove missiles in Cuba if JFK agreed not to invade Cuba and remove missiles in Turkey. JFK agreed.

16 Death of a President Nov. 22, 1963, JFK was shot in Dallas, TX. Lee Harvey Oswald was accused and was shot 2 days later by Jack Ruby. Warren Commission concluded that Oswald was the lone gunsman.


18 Oswald & Ruby



21 Johnson Takes the Reins Kennedy and Johnson made the elimination of the poor a major policy goal. Declared an unconditional war on poverty in America – Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) – focused on creating jobs & fighting poverty.


23 The Great Society Johnson promised a Great Society, more perfect, more equitable more than 60 programs passes, including Medicare & Medicaid. Medicare – for the elderly. Medicaid – for those below the poverty line – Head Start – for disadvantaged kids.

24 Great Society ctd… 1965 – Dept of Housing & Urban Dev. Director – Robert Weaver – 1 st Afr. Am. To serve in the cabinet – Immigration Reform Act – limited the # of immigrants.

25 Legacy of TGS *dont write* Some opposed the massive growth of federal funds & criticized the intrusion in their lives. Still a debate on its success

26 End of Chapter 28 Take out a piece of paper

27 Quiz – You have until the song ends (7 minutes) 1. JFK was the 1 st President to do this for his press conferences. 2. What was JFKs agenda known as? 3. The Warren Court supported reapportionment a.k.a. __________. 4. JFK wanted to invade Cuba at the _____ Johnson enacted more than __ programs as part of his Great Society.

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