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Chapter 28 The New Frontier and the Great Society

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1 Chapter 28 The New Frontier and the Great Society

2 The Election of 1960 This began the era of television politics.
Democratic candidate – John F. Kennedy Republican candidate – Richard M. Nixon Focus was on the economy & the Cold War. Kennedy was concerned about the “missile gap” Nixon thought we were on the right track.


4 Results

5 The Kennedy Mystique JFK’s youth, optimism, & charisma inspired Americans. JFK said, “ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” 1st Pres. To broadcast his press conferences live on t.v.


7 Success & Setback on the Domestic Front
Agenda known as the New Frontier. Hoped to: Increase aid to education, provide health insurance to the elderly, create a Dept. of Urban Affairs, and help migrant workers. It was too costly and mostly unsuccessful.

8 Successes Advocated the New Deal strategy of deficit spending.
Invested more funds for defense & space exploration. Increased business production and efficiency.

9 JFK helps women Created the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. Called for action against gender discrimination & equal pay.

10 Warren Court Reforms Chief Justice Earl Warren took an activist tone.
Took on civil rights, freedom of the press, separation of church & state, and rights of the accused. Reapportionment – “one man, one vote” – required legislatures to reapportion electoral districts so that all citizens’ votes would have equal weight.


12 Major Decisions of the Warren Court
***chart on page 844 – know at least 1 from each of the following: Civil Rights Due Process Freedom of Religion & Freedom of Speech

13 Kennedy Confronts Global Challenges
Focused much time on foreign policy due to the Cold War. Supported “flexible response” – he asked for a buildup of conventional troops and weapons. Alliance for Progress – series of projects to improve Latin American relations. Peace Corps - helped less developed nations fight poverty. Space Race began as well.

14 The Cuban Missile Crisis
1959 – JFK approved a secret plan for Cuban exiles, trained at La Brigada, to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs & revolt against the Soviet-supported Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. It failed. 1962 – Khrushchev began to place nuclear missiles in Cuba to counteract U.S. missiles in Turkey.

15 Cuban Missile Crisis Oct – JFK found out about Soviet ships w/ nuclear missiles going to Cuba. He ordered a blockade of Cuba. Khrushchev agreed to send the ships back & remove missiles in Cuba if JFK agreed not to invade Cuba and remove missiles in Turkey. JFK agreed.

16 Death of a President Nov. 22, 1963, JFK was shot in Dallas, TX.
Lee Harvey Oswald was accused and was shot 2 days later by Jack Ruby. Warren Commission concluded that Oswald was the lone gunsman.


18 Oswald & Ruby



21 Johnson Takes the Reins
Kennedy and Johnson made the elimination of the poor a major policy goal. Declared an unconditional war on poverty in America. 1964 – Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) – focused on creating jobs & fighting poverty.


23 The Great Society Johnson promised a Great Society, more perfect, more equitable. more than 60 programs passes, including Medicare & Medicaid. Medicare – for the elderly. Medicaid – for those below the poverty line. 1965 – Head Start – for disadvantaged kids.

24 Great Society ctd… 1965 – Dept of Housing & Urban Dev.
Director – Robert Weaver – 1st Afr. Am. To serve in the cabinet. 1965 – Immigration Reform Act – limited the # of immigrants.

25 Legacy of TGS *don’t write*
Some opposed the massive growth of federal funds & criticized the intrusion in their lives. Still a debate on its success

26 Take out a piece of paper
End of Chapter 28 Take out a piece of paper

27 Quiz – You have until the song ends (7 minutes)
JFK was the 1st President to do this for his press conferences. What was JFK’s agenda known as? The Warren Court supported reapportionment a.k.a. “__________”. JFK wanted to invade Cuba at the _____. Johnson enacted more than __ programs as part of his Great Society.

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