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Calera Intermediate School Parent – Culture Survey.

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1 Calera Intermediate School Parent – Culture Survey

2 The school clearly communicates the schools goals and priorities to me.

3 The teachers communicate and demonstrate that they believe all students can learn.

4 My childs school offers a variety of programs to assist students with different kinds of needs.

5 The school staff encourages me to set high expectations for my childs overall achievement.

6 My childs teachers expect and promote academic excellence.

7 My child feels safe at school.

8 My childs teachers are focused on teaching and learning.

9 I have read the Districts Code of Conduct.

10 I believe that the Districts Code of Conduct is strictly enforced across the school.

11 I am regularly informed of my childs progress in addition to receiving progress reports and report cards.

12 Students in my childs school have the opportunity to receive additional help with skills they need.

13 My childs report card and progress report accurately reflects academic achievement in a way that I can understand.

14 My childs teachers provide opportunities for me to discuss my childs overall progress

15 I receive timely information about all aspects of my childs schooling.

16 I have adequate opportunities for involvement in different activities at my childs school.

17 Parent meetings are offered at a variety of times to meet my needs.

18 I receive information about programs, curriculum, assessments, and proficiency levels that my child is expected to meet.

19 Annually, I receive copies of the school handbook and the School-Parent Compact

20 My childs school provides resources and/or training to help me work with my child(ren).

21 I feel welcome in my childs school.

22 Overall, I am satisfied with Calera Intermediates education program.

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