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What is Title 1? It is a federal formula grant. It is the largest federal grant the Fayette County Public Schools receives.

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1 What is Title 1? It is a federal formula grant. It is the largest federal grant the Fayette County Public Schools receives.

2 How Title 1 works The federal government provides funding to school districts each year. School districts identify schools that are eligible to receive funds.

3 A Title 1 School Works to: Identify students most in need of educational help Set goals for improvement Measure student progress, according to KCCT Develop programs that add to regular classroom instruction Involve parents in all aspects of the program

4 Two Types of Title 1 Programs School wide programs Schools with 40% or more of its children from low-income families can develop school wide Title 1 programs to serve all students. School wide programs can combine Title 1 funds with federal, state, and local funds to improve school programs. Targeted assistance programs Schools with 35-39% of its children from low-income families can have a Targeted Assistance Program. These schools will work out a plan to make sure that children served by Title 1 meet KY’s achievement standards. Targeted assistance programs cannot combine federal, state, and local funds.

5 As a parent, you’re part of the Title 1 team! The parent-school compact states the goals and responsibilities of both parents and schools. The parent involvement policy helps parents understand and take part in the school’s efforts.

6 Our School’s Title 1 Grant Our School’s Title 1 Grant for 2010-2011 is $273,577 which pays for two primary class-size reduction teachers, one writing lab teacher, and when combined with other funds pays for one primary curriculum coach, one reading recovery teacher, one math intervention teacher, and one additional class-size reduction teacher. It also pays for professional development, instructional supplies and supplemental instructional material. Our school has a Title 1 School-wide Program which focuses on improving student achievement in all academic areas.

7 Title I Highly Qualified Staff Work with classroom teachers to provide support and assistance in instruction. Work with whole groups, small groups, and or individual students struggling in reading, writing, and math at both primary and intermediate levels.

8 Highly Qualified Staff Select and design differentiated instruction for students who struggle in reading, math, and writing. Help to encourage and promote higher academic achievement among all students.

9 Primary Class Size Reduction Teachers Title I funds were used to purchase two primary class size reduction teachers. By utilizing these teachers with other regular size classes and intervention teachers, more students can be served in smaller group settings.

10 Title I Social Worker The Title I Social Worker works with families to help remove barriers that have been identified that impedes learning.

11 Math Intervention Teacher The Primary Math Intervention Teacher is made possible through combining both Title I funds and state grant funds( Math Achievement Funds). The purpose of this teacher is to use a research based math program (Number Worlds) to increase math achievement among small groups of struggling math students K-3. She also serves in regular primary classroom to create smaller class size for math students.

12 Reading Recovery Teacher The Reading Recovery Teacher is funded through Title I funds. Reading Recovery is a reading intervention program designed to help struggling first grade readers through using one-on-one researched based strategies and materials. The goal is to move students to grade level by the end of 18 weeks.

13 Primary Curriculum Specialist This position is funded through an FRP grant from the district and Title I funds. The purpose of this position is to serve and provide help to primary teachers through modeling lessons, sharing assessment data, and support where needed for the purpose of increasing achievement among all students. The Primary Curriculum Coach also provides needed instruction to selected intervention students.

14 Writing Lab Teacher Title I funds provide for one K-5 writing lab teacher. The purpose of this position is to teach core content writing skills and related technology skills. This class is in addition to the instruction received in writing by the regular classroom teacher.

15 Our schools need you! Learn about your Title 1 program. Attend school events. Visit the classrooms. Volunteer to help. Join parents’ organizations. Attend parent-teacher conferences Keep teachers informed of events that might affect your child’s work or behavior

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