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Santa Rosa County School District

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1 Santa Rosa County School District
Surplus Property Management Prepared by: Jesse R. De Leon Surplus Manager

2 Surplus Property Management
Governing Statutes Property & Non-property items Property Reutilization Disposition Methods

3 Governing Statutes Title XVIII, Chapter 274.02(1)
Property: “…fixtures and other tangible personal property of a nonconsumable nature the value of which is $1,000 or more and the normal expected life of which is 1 year or more.”

4 Governing Statutes Title XVIII, Chapter 274.05
Surplus Property: “A governmental unit shall have discretion to classify as surplus any of its property…that is obsolete or the continued use of which is uneconomical or inefficient, or which serves no useful function.” “…the governmental unit may offer surplus property to other governmental units in the county or district for sale or donation or may offer property to private nonprofit agencies as defined in s (3) by sale or donation.”

5 Governing Statutes Title XVIII, Chapter 274.06
“…a governmental unit’s property that is obsolete…may be disposed of for value to any person, or may be disposed of for value without bids to the state, to any governmental unit…” “Property, the value of which the governmental unit estimates to be under $5,000, may be disposed of in the most efficient and cost-effective means…”

6 Property Portable Classrooms Vehicles Computer Equipment
Office Equipment Shop Equipment

7 Non-Property (Consumable)
Student Furniture Teacher Support Furniture Classroom Support Items Office Furniture or Equipment with a value of less that $1000

8 Reutilization Prior to sale consideration, efforts are made to relocate useable property within the school district. Schools/sites generating surplus items are given latitude to dispose of non-controlled property in accordance with School Board Policy. s are forwarded to schools, advising of property available for transfer from surplus.

9 Disposition Methods Auctions Sealed-Bid Auctions Fixed-Price Sales
Online Sales Recycling

10 Auctions Had been the only method of property disposal up until the mid 1990s. Since they were only held once or twice a year, resulted in a huge accumulation of property. Required considerable manpower. Buyers at auctions would sometimes re-sell property instantaneously at a profit.

11 Sealed-Bid Auctions Held periodically as accumulation of property warrants. Advertised in local newspapers, some mail outs, s (using in-house database and GovDeals) & our website. Conducted completely from the Surplus Warehouse.

12 Fixed-Price Sales First Friday of month; 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
At Surplus Warehouse, 6544 Firehouse Rd, Milton, FL Items sold Non-Property Board Approved Property

13 Online Buyer – Supplier Link Service
Disseminates information on government agency Surplus Sales. Much like Ebay; allows government agency to set own sale rules. SRCSB Surplus Department encourages its customers to register for free surplus bidding on school board sales, as well as sales of other governmental agencies.

14 Santa Rosa County School Board Surplus Website

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