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EDCI 570 Tom Fortney. Formula Bar Tool Bars Cell Row Numbers Column Letters.

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1 EDCI 570 Tom Fortney

2 Formula Bar Tool Bars Cell Row Numbers Column Letters


4 To copy what is in a cell, move cursor to bottom right corner or cell. When cursor changes to the black cross shown, hold left click on mouse down and drag over the cells you wish to copy too.

5 Copying a date automatically increments the date as it is dragged across the cells.

6 Days of the week also will increment when being copied from a cell

7 Formulas are entered here. To activate formula bar click on = sign. Gross pay = hours worked x hourly rate. =B7*B8. The operator signs used in Excel are: + = addition - = subtraction * = multiplication / = division ^ = exponents ( ) = parenthesis

8 Formulas also can be copied from an original cell using the drag method. Excel automatically adjusts the formula for the new cell. Values can be shown as currency. Go to Format, cell, number, and click on currency.

9 First mouse click here to select entire worksheet. When cursor turns to a double arrow, left click and hold mouse while dragging cell to size wanted for all cells. Auto fit may also be used to size cell. Highlight row or column, go to Format, column or row, auto fit on tool bar.

10 Create a payroll spreadsheet which will calculate a employees gross pay, FICA tax, federal tax, state tax, and net pay given their daily hours worked and their hourly rate. The spreadsheet should compute the employees pay on a daily basis as well as a weekly basis. Create a pie chart that shows the breakdown. Move through the presentation. It will describe what is required.








18 To sum use the auto sum button. First select cell where sum is to be placed. Click Sum icon, then select the cells to be summed using the mouse pointer holding down left click and dragging selecting desired cells. Once selected, press Enter..





23 Chart Wizard Click on the chart wizard icon. Follow the instructions of the prompts. Use a pie chart. Make sure the series is in columns. Choose separate sheet to display chart. Highlight these two columns. Do so by starting in A16, mouse left click down and drag to B20, release mouse. Or select A16, while holding shift key, select B20.

24 Try different colors and backgrounds for your chart.

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