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Guided Reading Activity 3-1

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1 Guided Reading Activity 3-1
Outline Section 3-1

2 I. England in America Introduction
1. What were the two major reasons for the conflict between England and Spain? Trading rivalry and religious differences

3 Defeat of the Spanish Armada
2. What marked the end of the Spanish control of the seas? Defeat of the Spanish Armada

4 B.The Lost Colony of Roanoke
Who did Queen Elizabeth give the right to claim any land in North America not already owned by a Christian monarch? Sir Walter Raleigh

5 C. Roanoke Settlements Why did both attempts to settle Roanoke fail?
A difficult winter and it took John White three years to return with supplies needed

6 II. Jamestown Settlement

7 A. Introduction What was a charter?
The right to organize a settlement in an area

8 B. The Virginia Company When did Virginia Company settlers found Jamestown and name the James River? April 1607

9 2. Why was Jamestown built on a peninsula?
So that it could be defended from attack

10 3. Why did so many of the original Jamestown colonists die within the first year of its settlement?
Many of them were not used to hard labor; they searched for gold and silver instaed of growing food; disease also took its toll.

11 C. Captain John Smith How was John Smith helpful to Jamestown in the second year of its settlement? He forced the settlers to work and got corn from the Powhaten people.

12 D. Tobacco Saves the Colony
How did tobacco help the Virginia colonists survive? Tobacco provided money for the English investors

13 2. When did relations between the settlers and the Powhaten people improve?
After John Rolfe married Pocahontas, the daughter of Chief Powhaten

14 E. Representative Government
How did Sir George Yeardley help the Jamestown settlers? He ended military rule and allowed the men to elect representatives to make local laws.

15 III. New Arrivals in Jamestown
What happened to the first Africans brought to Jamestown in 1619? They were sold to Virginia planters to work in the tobacco fields. 2. Who was William Tucker? The first African American child born in the American colonies; he was a free man

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