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Chapter 3 Colonial America Page 68 istory/tar12003/index.php4 Chapter Overviews.

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1 Chapter 3 Colonial America Page 68 istory/tar12003/index.php4 Chapter Overviews

2 Section 1 Early English Settlements Page 70 Key Terms Charter: The rights to organize settlements Joint-stock company: part ownership with stocks with money returned Burgesses: representatives from different towns

3 I. The Lost Colony of Roanoke A.1583 Sir Humphrey Gilbert claimed Newfoundland for Queen Elizabeth. However, he died at sea before he could find a good settlement. B.1584 Sir Walter Raleigh’s scout found Roanoke Island on the coast of North Carolina. C.1585 Raleigh sent 100 men to settle it. They went home unhappy. D.1587 91 men 17 women & 9 kids tried again, led by John White. E.His daughter was first born in America, Virginia Dare F.White returned three years later due to Spanish – English War and Roanoke was deserted. G.Bad weather kept White from looking for them.

4 II. Jamestown Settlement The Virginia Company A.1606 Merchants sought Charters from King James I to set up settlements in America. B.Dec 1606 144 settlers in 3 ships were sent to look for gold and set up trade for fish and furs. 40 men died on the way. C.April 1607 Ships enter Chesapeake Bay and set up Jamestown, but it had bad farm land and swamps with mosquitoes. They were not used to hard labor disease and hunger took a huge toll. D.By Spring only 38 of the settlers remained when the supply ships came in for them. E.Captain John Smith forced the settlers to work and got food from Chief Powhatan to survive the winter. F.1609 400 new settlers arrived but Smith went back to England and the 1609-1610 became known as the Starving Time. G.Spring found only 60 still living in Jamestown

5 III. Farming the Land A.They didn’t find gold, but John Rolfe started to grow tobacco, which sold in England very well. B.The Native America fighting stopped after Rolfe married Pochontas, daughter of Chief Powhaten C.Private land ownership and land “Headright” caused thousands to come to America.

6 IV Representative Government A.Jamestown was mostly men that complained and the company allowed them to establish a small government. B.1619 10 towns sent 2 men to represent them called, “burgesses.” C.The assembly set laws for the colony the first time July 30 1619 In “The House of Burgesses.”

7 V New Arrivals in Jamestown A.1619 The Virginia Co sent 90 women and men could marry one for 120 pounds of tobacco. B.Also, the same year 20 Africans were sold as labor workers. (Servants to work for a set period of time) C.Until 1640 Africans were free and owned property, even the first African American was born, William Tucker. D.1624 King James cancelled the Charter due to lack of profits and Native American attacks.

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