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200 300 400 500 BLANK 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 RoanokeHudson James- town Plymouth.

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1 200 300 400 500 BLANK 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 RoanokeHudson James- town Plymouth

2 John White Who is John White?

3 Roanoke Island He was chosen as the governor of the Roanoke Island when the English attempted for a 2 nd time to set up a colony there.

4 Sir Walter Raleigh Who is Sir Walter Raleigh & what did he do?

5 He told Queen Elizabeth I to found the 1 st English colony in 1585 in North America: Roanoke (they weren’t successful!)

6 Who attacked England in 1588 when John White went home? Why’d they attack? Who won this battle?

7 Spanish Armada The Spanish Armada attacked. England & Spain were rivals b/c Spain wanted revenge since the English took lots of land in the Americas that the Spanish had previously taken. The English defeated the Spanish & they were encouraged to keep setting up colonies in North America.

8 Why did the English come to Roanoke to set up a colony?

9 English attempted to set up a colony in Roanoke in 1585 b/c they wanted wealth, power, & gold. The Spanish controlled lots of land in North America then, but now that English defeated the Spanish Armada, the English were no longer afraid of the Spanish. They wanted to colonize land in North America.

10 Explain the mystery of Roanoke.

11 It was an island in Virginia settled by English colonists & leader John White. When supplies ran low, he went home to England for more. When he finally returned to Roanoke, the colonists were gone, leaving Croaton on a tree. No one knows what happened to them.



14 Dutch East India Company What’s the Dutch East India Company?

15 It’s a group that paid for Hudson’s journey & exploration in exchange for his profit

16 What happened as a result of Hudson searching for the NW Passage?

17 Trade colonization Trade was established between Dutch & Native Americans & it made colonization possible in North America by the English, French, & Dutch (Netherlands)

18 Henry Hudson Who is Henry Hudson?

19 He was an English explorer looking for a Northwest Passage to Asia to increase trade in 1609.

20 Who else, besides Hudson, searched for a Northwest Passage?

21 Jacques Cartier & Samuel de Champlain, both of France, searched

22 In the 1 st few months at Jamestown in 1606, why’d so many English colonists die? Who helped save the colony & how?

23 The colonists got diseases from mosquitoes & salty, dangerous waters. Leader John Smith helped save the colony by making the colonists work hard & not just search for gold.

24 indentured servants Who were indentured servants?

25 The 1 st African Americans to arrive in Jamestown, VA. The Virginia Company paid for them to come to the Americas in 1619 & in return, the indentured servants had to pay off their debts by working for 5-7 years.

26 Powhatan Who was Powhatan?

27 The leader of the Powhatan chiefdom on the Chesapeake Bay, near Jamestown, where the English colonists also came to set up a colony.

28 After John Rolfe helped improve the colony with tobacco as a cash crop, what other 2 big changes came to Jamestown?

29 women government Because the colony was improving, women came over to Jamestown from England & they formed a government, The House of Burgesses, to make laws for the colony

30 How’d Native Americans help Jamestown colonists survive? What problems eventually occurred between both groups?

31 They traded food, which helped colonists. Rolfe & Pocahontas married, which brought peace for several years. However, peace didn’t last. Colonists & Native Americans fought as tobacco planters took more land. Colonists cared more about wealth, power & gold than good relations w/ Native Americans. By 1622, the Native Americans attacked the colonists again.

32 Mayflower Compact What was the Mayflower Compact & why was it imortant?

33 A government the Pilgrims made. It’s purpose was to make & obey fair laws. It started the idea of self-government in the colonies.

34 Squanto Massasoit Samoset Who were Squanto, Massasoit, & Samoset?

35 Native American Wampanoag sachems (leaders) who helped the Pilgrims survive their 1 st winter in North America.

36 Why & when did the Pilgrims leave Europe? Where did they want to settle & where did they actually settle?

37 religious freedom They left in 1620 in search of religious freedom. They wanted to settle in Virginia but landed in Plymouth, further north.

38 Thanksgiving How did the Native Americans & Pilgrims come to celebrate Thanksgiving?

39 By the fall of 1621, they had a successful harvest & were doing well with their colony. It was a celebration!

40 How’d Native Americans help the Pilgrims survive? What problems eventually occurred between both groups?

41 Wampanoag (especially Squanto) showed colonists how to grow crops & trap animals. The Pilgrims were very grateful at 1 st. Later, Pilgrim colonists took lots of more land & relations therefore got worse b/c Native Americans feared the English would take over all land. They became enemies.











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