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Chapter 3 An Enduring Document

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1 Chapter 3 An Enduring Document
Section 3 Informal Changes

2 Constitutional Terms 1. political party – organized group that seeks to control government by winning elections 2. nomination – process of naming candidates to run for public office 3. succession – transfer of authority on the death of the chief executive 4. Cabinet – the President’s advisory board – made up of the heads of the executive departments

3 FACT or OPINION? 1. The process of formal amendment is much more important than the process of informal amendment. Opinion

4 FACT or OPINION Jefferson violated the Constitution when he decided to buy the Louisiana Territory. Opinion

5 FACT or OPINION 3. The elastic clause gives Congress the freedom to define and extend its powers. Fact

6 FACT or OPINION 4. America’s two-party system is almost certainly unconstitutional. Opinion

7 FACT or OPINION 5. The process of informal constitutional change has had a greater effect on the Constitution than the formal process of amending it. Opinion

8 Main Ideas 1. How do the broad language and general principles of the Constitution affect constitutional change? Has made it flexible and open to interpretation – encouraged change

9 Main Ideas 2. What are some of the ways in which Congress and the President have made informal constitutional changes? Congress – commerce clause President – treaty making role - to deal with foreign countries - commander in chief – sends troops abroad without a declaration of war

10 3. How have customs shaped the practices of the government?
Main Ideas 3. How have customs shaped the practices of the government? Two-party political system Presidential cabinet

11 Main Ideas 4. What important power does judicial review give to the Supreme Court? It allows the Supreme Court to determine what the words of the Constitution actually mean.

12 Critical Thinking If the Framers had filled the Constitution with details and specific guidelines, how would it have affected the process of informal change? It would be difficult to interpret the document on a broad scale It would be inflexible

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