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Constitutional Change by Other Means

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1 Constitutional Change by Other Means
DeAndrea Cassell, Lindsey Thomas, Kara Quinlan, Joseph Garlenski

2 Basic Legislation Congress has been a major agent of constitutional change in two important ways: 1st, it has passed a number of laws to spell out several of the Constitution’s belief provisions. As another example, the constitution deal with the matter of presidential succession, but only up to a point.

3 Cont. Basic Legislation
25th Amendment says that if the presidency becomes vacant, Vice president automatically succeeds to the office. The Constitution gives to Congress the expressed power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce.

4 Executive Action Acting under authority, several Presidents have made war without a declaration of war by Congress. Presidents have used their powers to the growth of the Constitution : The document states that only Congress can declare war but the Constitution also states that the President ( Commander in Chief) of the nation’s armed forces.

5 Cont. Executive Action Presidents have used the armed forces abroad in combat without such a declaration on several hundred occasions in our history. Executive agreement – is a pact made by the President directly with the head of a foreign state. Treaty – is a formal agreement between two or more sovereign states.

6 Court Decision Nation’s courts, most tellingly the United States Supreme Court, interpret and apply the Constitution in many cases the hear. Such as ( Marbury v. Madison)

7 Party Practices Electoral college – is the group that makes the formal selection of the President and Vice President. Political parties have also been a major source of Constitutional change over the course of political history.

8 Cont. Party Practices In 1796, George Washington warned the people against what he called “the baneful effects of the spirit of party” Washington feared the divisive effect of party politics. They have played a major role in the shaping of government. Both houses of Congress are organized & conduct much of their business on the basis of party.

9 Custom Cabinet – an advisory body to the President , traditionally made up of the heads of the executive departments and other officers. Made up of 15 executive departments. Senatorial Courtesy – custom that the Senate will not approve a presidential appointment opposed by a majority party.

10 Cont. Custom The written words of the Constitution did not provide for the practice of adopting the 25th Amendment in 1967. Until then, the Constitution states that only the powers and duties of the presidency but not the office itself should be transferred to the Vice President.

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