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Vital Statistics at Your Fingertips accessible, resourceful, 24/7 online support…

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1 Vital Statistics at Your Fingertips accessible, resourceful, 24/7 online support…

2 Agenda Vital Statistics Website (Main Page) Common Uses for Customers Vital Statistics Website (Vital Registration) Common Uses for Source Providers Future Direction of Website

3 The DSHS Vital Statistics Website (Main) Customer and Request Processing functions (Vital Registration) Primary source for our source providers Updated regularly

4 Main VSU Webpage


6 Common Functions (Customers) Access to Texas Online Ordering of Vital Records Birth Certificates Death Certificates Marriage Verification Divorce Verification

7 Texas Online Ordering Application



10 Common Functions (Customers) Filing of supplemental certificates New Birth Certificate Based on Parentage Provides form (VS-166) Instructions Explanation of fees FAQs New Birth Certificate Based on Adoption Provides form (VS-160) Instructions FAQs

11 Common Functions (Customers) Common Forms for Download Birth/Death Record Amendment Application for Heirloom Anniversary Certificate Heirloom Gift Certificate Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth

12 Vital Registration Webpage


14 Common Functions (TER-Death) Online Registration Information for Source Providers Fax Application Quick Start Guides Database of Registrants Training Schedule (pending)

15 Common Functions (Source Providers) General Information and News (Main Body) Newsletters Five-Star Award Criteria / Winners Pictures with State Registrar Bulletins for Mass Communication Online TER Training TER Assistance Forms

16 Contact Us Vital Registration Help For assistance with Rules and Regulations regarding Vital Registration TER Help TER Technical and process assistance

17 Assistance with TER New Quick Link forms for Faster Assistance Add/Edit Place of Death Information Request DTP counter reset DCOA Order not received Delete Remove Record from TEDR Unresolved Queue TER Password/PIN Reset Edit your location information

18 Vital Registration Help

19 Common Functions (Source Providers) Texas Statutes Family Code Health/Safety Code TAC Open Records Act Texas Legislative Session Updates Obtaining vital records from outside Texas Marriage and Divorce Indexes Free to download

20 Common Functions (Source Providers) Download Forms Common FormsSource Providers Requisition Form (VS-100) Mothers Worksheet (VS-109.1(a)) Report of Death (VS-115) Disinterment Permit (VS-271) Batch Control Log (VS-101) Application for Marriage License (VS-180) Declaration of Informal Marriage (VS-180.1)

21 Related Links Texas Midwifery Board Texas Attorney Generals Office Texas Center for Health Statistics National Center for Health Statistics Texas Funeral Services Commission

22 Modifications to Website Side Navigation Menu Crisper, Cleaner Clearer choices Consolidation Bundling related themes More Source-Provider Friendly Online Trainings TER training Continuing education FAQs

23 Comments/Questions/Ideas Wish List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

24 Comments/Questions/Ideas Source-Provider Feedback 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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