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Financial Control Services Client Services version 3 training.

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1 Financial Control Services Client Services version 3 training

2 Welcome! This will guide current version 2 users and also teach new users @ Client Services version 3.

3 Logging in Log in to our website( Main page click on the Client Services login link this will bring up the login screen. There are 4 pieces of information that you need to login, these will be provided to you by Financial Control Services.

4 Access code First enter the access code.

5 Client Password Next enter your client password.

6 Employee Username Next enter your employee user name

7 Employee Password Next enter your employee password and hit the login button. This will take you to the main menu.

8 Main Menu The main menu will show all options that you have permission for. At the top left you will see a ‘Main Menu’ also. This will be on each page so you have a quick access to the main menu from anywhere.

9 Account Inquiry From account inquiry you can search for an account by client account# (your account#), FCS account#, social security#, debtor address, name or debtor phone#. Just select the option and enter the criteria in the box and hit search.

10 Account Inquiry Lets do a search by name, I picked the ‘Name’ search and entered the last name space first and hit the search button. This returns a list of your accounts under that name. Click on the name of the account you wish to view. We will pick the first account.

11 Account Work Screen This will bring up the master file and a list of any accounts you have that are linked with this debtor. The following information is found on the Master screen:

12 Master screen Demographics Name and address SSN B/A Business REM Bank/Rem Remark Work License Spouse Score DOB Phone Home Work Spouse work You also have the Vault button to the right.

13 Account Information The following is the information that you will see on the account Information screen:

14 Account Information Client Client # Client name Client phone# Client account# Balances AR – Amount Referred PB – Principal Balance AI – Accumulated Interest CC – Court Cost AF – Attorney Fees OC – Other Charges OV – Over Pay INT – Interest Total Dates DOR – Date of referral DOS – Date of service DLP – Date of last pay JD – Jack date Account Account# - FCS account# INT code For- Patient name REM- Remarks FWD/To Status Code Aux Medical Patient name Patient DOB Pin #- used for debtor to pay online Office Information Collector code Clerk # Doc Code LLS – Last Letter Sent B.C. – Bulletin Code S/L# - Suit Loan # Type of Debt CF – Credit Flag

15 Other Options At the bottom of the account screen there are 5 other options as follows:

16 History To view all history click on the History link and you will see this page. You can change the date range and pick the history view to Ascend or Descend and then click on retrieve History.

17 History options The main options that you will want to use are : View all and Payments: just click on the + sign next to the option and you will view that information.

18 History In view all you will see all payments and notes by our collector or system on the account. By viewing the payment option it will only show payment activity.

19 Submit Payment By clicking on the next option ‘Submit Payment’ it will bring up a window for you to enter in a payment and submit it to us.

20 Submit payment Following is the information on submitting a payment:

21 Submitting a Payment Account Balance – this will simply show what the current balance is in our system. Date of Payment – never change this date, this is just the date that you are submitting the payment to our office, NOT the date the payment was made by the debtor. Amount – the amount of the payment, example: 50.00 (do not enter symbols) From – Payments are from the debtor or insurance. Adjustments are to increase and/or decrease balances. Other – for information you want us to see, such as check #. When the information is filled out click on ‘Submit Payment’ and you will get a note saying “Thank You!! Your payment has been received”.

22 Submitting a Comment Your next option on the bottom of the page is to Submit Comment/Flag Account (VTR)

23 Submit Comment/Flag account Click on this option to get this window and the following options:

24 Submit Comment Account# - the FCS account# will show here. Comment – Here you can enter the comment that you want our representative to see about this account. Flag account for review: 1.Account collector – will send this comment directly to the collector that handles this account. 2.Client services collector – will send this to the Client Services rep. We suggest that you always choose this default. 3.Don’t Flag – will simply put the comment on this account but not flag anyone to look at it. Now click ‘send message’ and you have added a comment successfully.

25 Account Summary This option simply takes you back to the account summary screen.

26 Co-maker summary If you have provided us with a co-maker on an account the information on that person will show up here.

27 Data Vault Used to store or read any files attached in the system by a client to this account.

28 Vault When you open the Vault you will see this screen and get the following options:

29 Vault Comment – This will label the file that you attach. Attach file – Click on the browse button to browse your computer and select the file that you wish to attach. Attach Memo – If you wish to just attach a free form message you can type that in here. Now just click the attach button and the file will be permanently attached to this account within the Client Services system.

30 Vault Viewing Attachments View – click to open the attachment to view it. Delete – removes the attachment from the Vault. Download – saves the attachment to the users local computer. The Vault button on the account will be blue if there is a file attached.

31 Custom Queries From the main menu Custom Queries allows Financial Control Services to create a custom search or report for you and will be available for you to run at any time. This option will contain no searches or reports unless you have requested from FCS.

32 Custom Queries The screen will look like this and show you any queries available for you to run. You can choose the client #, the query to run and the type of output for the report.

33 Inventory With this you can pull a full inventory report of all of your accounts that have been placed in our office as follows:

34 Inventory Select the client to pull. Display – select to display by debtor or by account. Then hit submit. Beware that this report could take some time to run depending on the number of accounts that you have placed in our office.

35 Client Reports From the Main menu, Client Reports will give you a list and ability to run specific reports assigned to you.

36 Client Statistics From the main menu, Client statistics allow you to view the following:

37 Client Statistics Actuary 1.Period of time 2.# new accts placed 3.Amount of those accounts 4.# of Paid in full accts 5.Receipts- amount collected 6.Commission- agency fees 7.# of accts canceled 8.Dollar amount of accounts canceled 9.Percentage of recovery Stats Shows monthly, yearly and total business 1.# of accounts 2.Dollar amount listed 3.Average amount 4.# collected 5.Dollars collected 6.Trust remittance 7.Unit cost 8.Performance % 9.Last new business date 10.Original setup date 11.Total due agency 12.Inventory comparison Accounts Receivable Gives amounts breakdown 1.Current 2.Over 30 3.Over 60 4.Over 90

38 Account Placement Allows you to place accounts individually to our office.

39 Account placement When placing accounts individually simply fill out the form. The fields with a ‘*’ are required fields and must be filled out before submitting. Please include any information that you have. Once you have the form completed, hit the ‘submit’ button, account is put in a queue for our clerical department to load into the system. The ‘Clear Form’ button clears all data on the form that you have entered.

40 Pending Accounts This shows the accounts that you have entered through the account placement form but have not yet been entered in the system by our clerical department.

41 Pending Accounts Here you have the option to copy, edit or delete the accounts at any time before they are processed by FCS and placed in our system. Just click on the copy, edit or delete button to the right of the account.

42 File Upload You can send FCS any type of file directly and securely into our system for us to process.

43 File Upload Hit Browse and locate the file you want to send. Select the file type (regular collections, pre-collect, early out or other) and hit the send file button. We will be automatically notified that the file has been sent and our clerical department will process it.

44 Contact Client Services This option is a simple and secure way to send a message directly to one of the Client services representatives.

45 Contact Client Services Pick the person you want the message sent to, Type in your message and hit send.

46 For any assistance please contact our office anytime. You can rely on us to deliver every day! Debbie Jones Regional Sales Director 6801 Sanger Avenue Suite 195 Waco, TX 76710 1-800-299-0045 ext 241 Fax 254-751-7556 Email

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