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The Ministers Black Veil Annotating: Hints, Its Benefits and Getting into the Habit of Annotating All Texts.

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1 The Ministers Black Veil Annotating: Hints, Its Benefits and Getting into the Habit of Annotating All Texts

2 Before Reading Annotations: At the top of the first page, make some prereading notes: -story is set in the 1600s in a Puritan New England village -this reflects Hawthorne's awareness of his Puritan heritage -Puritans believed certain people were predestined by God to go to Heaven -the story is a parable, meaning that there is a moral lesson in it

3 Throughout the entire story Circle words about which you are unfamiliar or unsure.

4 Page 1 1 st paragraph -annotate what a sexton is -annotate what makes the spruce bachelors appealing to women 2 nd to last paragraph -annotate the description of Rev. Hooper (both physical and otherwise) -annotate the description of the veil At the bottom of the first page, annotate your assumptions as to why the minister is wearing a black veil

5 Page 2 First big paragraph -annotate your thoughts as to why the parishioners are so upset that Rev. Hooper is wearing a black veil -annotate a response to the last sentence of the paragraph: Did he seek to hide it from the dread Being whom he was addressing?what does that mean?

6 Page 2 Last paragraph -annotate Mr. Hoopers description of the kind of preacher he is (first couple sentences) -annotate a response to the statement There was nothing horrible in what Mr. Hooper said, at least no violence; and yet, with every tremor of his melancholy voice, the hearers quaked. Why were the hearers quaking? -annotate the definitions of pathos and unwonted -pathos: a method of persuasion that appeals the audiences emotions -unwonted: out of the ordinary

7 Page 3 Top of the page -annotate definition of visage: the face, countenance, or appearance of a person or sometimes an animal 1 st paragraph -annotate the definition of flock: a group under the guidance of a leader (the ministers parishioners) -annotate the definition of parsonage: the house provided by a church for its pastor

8 Page 4 Last paragraph -annotate what you think/know melancholy means -annotate what you think/know placid means -annotate what you think/know portend means annotate about the last few lines: -Why might Mr. Hooper himself so disturbed when he catches a glimpse of himself wearing the black veil? -What do you think this might mean? For the Earth, too, had on her Black Veil.

9 Page 5 1 st paragraph -annotate why might that child cover his face with a black veil? -annotate the definition of waggery: mischievous merriment 2nd paragraph -annotate what you think/know erred means -annotate the definition of amiable: generally agreeable -annotate the definition of synod: advisory counsel -annotate at the end of the paragraph: what is it that might require or not require a synod? Last paragraph -why is it that the woman described should be privileged to know what the black veil concealed?

10 Page 6 Based on Rev. Hoopers conversation with Elizabeth, annotate why you think he might be wearing the veil? Last paragraph: annotate why Elizabeth might be crying?

11 Page 7 Very top: annotate what it is that Rev. Hooper is asking Elizabeth what she is feeling?. 3 rd paragraph -annotate why it is that Rev. Hooper may be in this miserable obscurity -after Then farewell!-annotate why Elizabeth leave Rev. Hooper so easily 7 th paragraph -annotate why Rev. Hooper is smiling

12 Page 7 Last paragraph -annotate the definition of a bugbear: object or source of dread -annotate what you know/think pensively means -annotate the definition of antipathy: aversion or dislike -annotate: Did Rev. Hooper in fact commit a crime/or sin, and thats why hes wearing a veil? -annotate your understanding/thoughts about the statement: Thus, from beneath the black veil…so that love or sympathy could never reach him.

13 Page 8 AFTER you read the 2 nd paragraph, reread the first two lines of the paragraph and answer: what is the purpose of the veil? 3 rd paragraph -according to this paragraph, how did he spend his life/others perceive him?

14 Page 8 Last paragraph -annotate what Natural connections he had none means

15 Page 9 And it is fitting…: after reading this paragraph, annotate why Rev. Clark is so adamant about removing Rev. Hoopers black veil prior to his death? After reading the entire story: why did Hooper insist on wearing the black veil? What do you think the veil/the wearing of the black veil represents?

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