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Act 1. MACBETH ACT 1 Scene 1 Characters: The Weird Sisters Themes: Fate Natural and the Unnatural CHARACTER’S INTRODUCED THEMES PRESENT.

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1 Act 1

2 MACBETH ACT 1 Scene 1

3 Characters: The Weird Sisters Themes: Fate Natural and the Unnatural CHARACTER’S INTRODUCED THEMES PRESENT

4 Paradox: a statement whose two parts seem contradictory yet make sense with more thought The three witches speak in an ominous tone They agree to meet with Macbeth on a plain when the battle is over THE WITCHES CONVENE

5 Natural and the Unnatural: The witches Witches are not a natural being, they have mystical powers thus making them unnatural Fate: The witches decision to meet Macbeth on the field when the battle is over This shows that even though the battle has yet to end the witches know exactly what will happen and where Macbeth will be THEMES

6 MACBETH ACT 1 Scene 2

7 Characters: Duncan Malcolm Ross Lenox Donalbain Themes: Violence Ambition CHARACTERS INTRODUCED THEMES PRESENT

8 The battle is so violent that the captain is unrecognizable Macbeth and Banquo are singled out for their bravery They Defeat Macdonwald, and the traitorous Thane of Cawdor the Norwegian King, Sweno DUNCAN AND HIS MEN

9 Ross informs that Norwegian King asks for a truce Duncan sentences the Thane of Cawdor to death and appoints Macbeth the new Thane of Cawdor Irony? This is ironic because he is substituting one traitor (The Thane of Cawdor) for another traitor (although no one knows this yet) TRAITORS AND TREACHERY

10 Violence: The captain’s speech He is completely covered in blood to the point he is unrecognizable Macbeth is rewarded for his bravery and called a noble hero(ability to kill) Ambition: Duncan rewarding Macbeth By rewarding Macbeth Duncan is being the opposite of ambitious, but also sets in motion Macbeth’s selfish ambitions THEMES

11 MACBETH ACT 1 Scene 3

12 Characters: The Weird Sisters Macbeth Banquo Ross Angus Themes: Ambition Violence Natural and the Unnatural Fate CHARACTERS AND THEMES

13 The Weird Sisters plot to sabotage a man and woman’s love before meeting with Macbeth The Sisters: hail Macbeth as Thane of Glamis, Cawdor, and future king tell Banquo though he will never be king, he will father kings They vanish before divulging anymore information and Macbeth is informed he is Thane of Cawdor THE WEIRD SISTERS WITH MACBETH AND BANQUO

14 The two debate on whether or not they believe the witches Banquo believes the witches to be evil so they talk in “half-truths” Macbeth is worried because he is already thinking of killing Duncan Decides that if he’s to be King then to let fate allow it The two decide to talk in private when given the chance MACBETH AND BANQUO

15 Ambition Macbeth thinking of killing Duncan Already Macbeth is thinking of extremes to attain his goal Violence Macbeth killing Duncan To attain his goal Macbeth has to turn to murder Natural and the Unnatural The witches Due to the fact that witches aren’t real and able to possess extreme powers Fate The witches prophecy of Macbeth Leads to Macbeth having murderous thoughts on how he will attain his goal Predict he will receive the title of Thane of Cawdor Macbeth is already worried about killing and what hi ambition will have him do THEMES

16 MACBETH ACT 1 Scene 4

17 Characters Duncan Malcolm Macbeth Banquo Themes Ambition Fate Nature and Unnatural CHARACTERS AND THEMES

18 After being told of the former Thane of Cawdor’s confession, King Duncan says that you can not trust a man based on outward appearance Duncan tells Macbeth he deserves more than just the title Duncan announces that Malcolm is heir to the Scottish throne and that he will spend the night at Macbeth’s DUNCAN AND HIS MEN

19 Macbeth sees Malcolm’s new title as a obstacle to his course Macbeth asks the stars to be dim to hide his desire MACBETH

20 Ambition Macbeth’s thoughts of Malcolm in his way Fate Malcolm is blocking Macbeth’s fate Nature and Unnatural Nature is used to make analogies throughout the chapter THEMES


22 Characters Lady Macbeth Servant Macbeth Themes All CHARACTERS AND THEMES

23 Lady Macbeth worries Macbeth is too kind and honorable to fulfill his ambition and the prophecy She decides to question his manhood to make him act Decides that Duncan’s visit will be fatal LADY MACBETH

24 Lady Macbeth says Duncan will never see that day She counsels Macbeth to look like an "innocent flower," but be the viper hiding beneath it Assures him she will take care of everything MACBETH AND LADY MACBETH

25 Ambition Lady Macbeth’s decision to act Violence Lady Macbeth’s plan to kill Duncan Natural and the Unnatural Lady Macbeth asks to be turned into a fiend The killing of Duncan Fate The reading of the prophecy Manhood Lady Macbeth decides to question Macbeth’s manhood to get him to act THEMES

26 MACBETH ACT 1 Scene 6

27 Characters: Banquo Lady Macbeth Duncan Themes: Nature and the Unnatural Manhood CHARACTERS AND THEMES

28 Duncan notices the beauty of the castle and sweetness of the air Banquo takes note of a bird that usually nests in church having a nest in the castle Lady Macbeth greets them alone DUNCAN’S ARRIVAL

29 Nature and Unnatural The description of the castle Manhood Lady Macbeth greets them alone as Macbeth is still bothered by the plan THEMES

30 MACBETH ACT 1 Scene 7

31 Characters: Macbeth Lady Macbeth Themes: Ambition Fate Violence Manhood CHARACTERS AND THEMES

32 If only killing Duncan is where it would end Macbeth knows that the murder will destroy him Duncan has given Macbeth great honors, and his a fair king Ambition is not enough to justify the murder Everyone would be upset over Duncan’s death MACBETH ALONE

33 3 types of persuasion Ethos (ethical appeal), Logos (logic), and Pathos (emotions) Lady Macbeth attacks Macbeth’s manliness Tells Macbeth they will not fail in their plot and details the plan Macbeth agrees to participate in the end LADY MACBETH’S PERSUASION

34 Ambition Lady Macbeth convincing her husband to follow through Fate Macbeth knows what will happen if he follows through Manhood Lady Macbeth attacks Macbeth’s Violence To get what they want they must kill THEMES

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