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Journal Entry : March 24, 2015 4-6 Sentence Response Describe a time or a situation in which you were isolated, or left out. How did the situation make.

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1 Journal Entry : March 24, 2015 4-6 Sentence Response Describe a time or a situation in which you were isolated, or left out. How did the situation make you feel? How did you feel about the people who left you out?

2 Yesterday’s Results Questions 1,4,7,10 – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Questions 2,5,8,11 – The Scarlet Letter Questions 3,6,9,12 – Life of Pi

3 You selected:

4 The Scarlet Letter By: Nathaniel Hawthorne

5 Journal Entry : March 25, 2015 For today’s journal entry, using your name, list words that you feel best describe your personality. Example : T – Trustworthy R – Respectful O – Open-minded Y- Yak

6 Journal Entry : March 30, 2015 Answer each question with a complete sentence. Is “The Lottery” a collective act of murder? Is it morally justified? Is “tradition” sufficient justification for such actions? How would you respond to cultures that are different from ours that perform "strange" rituals?

7 Chapter 1 Questions 1- What is the setting of The Scarlet Letter? 2- Why does Hawthorne begin the story with a reflection about the need for a cemetery and a prison? 3- What is the significance of the wild rosebush that grows beside the prison door? 4- Who was Ann Hutchinson? (Any history buffs out there?) 5- What does Hawthorne achieve by his reference to “the sainted Ann Hutchinson?” 6- Provide two examples of symbolism / metaphor from Chapter 1. (Quotes w/ page #’s)

8 Journal Entry : March 31, 2015 Based on the concept of metaphor / symbolism, what is the significance of the rusted gate door in relation to religion? What was the traditional ideas of the Puritans in regards to sin?

9 Daily Classwork Journal Entry / Discussion Letter Check Read Chapter 2 of The Scarlet Letter. Respond to questions from The Scarlet Letter.

10 Journal Entry : April 1 st, 2015 It’s April Fools Day! What is the purpose of a flashback in literature? Why is a flashback a commonly used literary device? Explain the quote, “let her cover the mark as she will, the pang of it will be always in her heart (Hawthorne 56).” What does the quote emphasize in regards to with- holding the truth?

11 Daily Classwork Journal Entry / Discussion Discuss Chapter 2 Questions Read Chapter 3 of The Scarlet Letter Respond to Chapter 3 questions. (Handout)

12 Journal Entry : April 3 rd, 2015 On this day, Friday, it is customarily known that each of you have the ability, if so you decided, to produce a featured writing in which you have the ability to discuss the introspections that you hold to be pertinent; therefore, if the settlement is made, you should formulate this writing in the design of an autonomous register.

13 Daily Classwork Journal Entry EOI Review Questions Students will respond to released EOI questions and review the responses. This should help students understand the types of questions that are on the EOI.

14 Journal Entry : April 6, 2015 Explain the Biblical significance of Daniel. How does this relate to the character of Chillingsworth? In what way is this foreshadowing?

15 Journal Entry : April 7, 2015 How has Hester’s character evolved from Chapter 1 to Chapter 5? Give two reasons why Hester decides to remain instead of moving to a less restrictive colony.

16 Journal Entry : April 9, 2015 Why do the Puritan people want to take Pearl away? What does Pearl notice when she looks in the breast plate of the armor, and how is it described? What does this description reveal about Hester? You will need a separate sheet of paper.

17 Chapters1- 7 : Pop Quiz 1- Describe Hester's feelings towards her daughter. 2- Why did Hester go to see Governor Bellingham? 3- Describe the Hester's daughter. 4- How did Hester support herself and her daughter? 5- Hester is released from prison. Why doesn't she run away to a different settlement? 6- What is the name of the daughter of the sinner? 7- What was the relationship between Hester and Roger Chillingworth? 8- What information did Hester refuse to tell the officials and Mr. Dimmesdale? 9- What did Hester promise to Roger Chillingworth?

18 Journal Entry : April 16, 2015 What is a leech? Why is the title of chapter 10 significant to the respective characters? On a side note, discuss how you feel about your performance on the EOI. What was your score, and how did you feel about the writing?

19 Written Response The themes of many novels depend upon a single image, metaphor, or symbol whose meaning and significance evolve as the story progresses. In a well developed written response, trace the evolution of Hester Prynne’s scarlet letter as it is viewed throughout the book by Hester, the villagers, Pearl, and by the author himself. Provide a minimum of four examples from the text.

20 Journal Entry : April 20, 2015 Provide a summary for both chapters 12 (include the significance of the “A”, and the scaffold) and 13 (again, include the significance of the “A”) Each summary should be a minimum of four sentences. You will need a separate sheet of paper for the question on the following slide.

21 Written Response In many novels, the author presents a character in whom there is a correlation between that character’s physical appearance and his or her mental, emotional, or moral state. In a well-developed written response, discuss the presentation of such a character and how this correspondence between the physical and mental aspects of the character is related to the significant themes of the novel. You will need examples from the text to support your answer.

22 Journal Entry: April 21, 2015 Chapter 14 During his conversation with Hester, what opinion of Dimmesdale’s character does Chillingworth offer? Why does he refuse to leave him alone? Why does he insist that Dimmesdale has “increased the debt”? Chapter 15 What objective does Pearl make for herself out of grasses and seaweeds? How is this object given symbolic significance by its differences from the original?

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