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Flat Stanley Project Knollwood Elementary School March 2005.

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1 Flat Stanley Project Knollwood Elementary School March 2005

2 What is the Flat Stanley Project? In the book, Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown, Stanley is squashed flat by a falling bulletin board. One of the many advantages is that Flat Stanley can now visit his friends by traveling in an envelope. The Flat Stanley Project is a literacy and communications activity for students, teachers, and parents.

3 How Does It Work? Students make paper Flat Stanleys and begin a journal for a few days. Flat Stanley, the journal, and a camera are sent off to a school, class, or individual who has agreed to host him. Upon reaching his destination, Flat Stanley is treated as a guest. Hosts complete the journal and record his visit with photos. Flat Stanley, the journal, and the camera are then returned to the your class. Students can plot his travels on maps and share the contents of the journal. Often, a Flat Stanley returns with a pin or postcard from his visit.

4 How Much Will this Cost Me? Nothing!! Knollwood received a mini-grant from the DeKalb Junior League to cover the cost of the books, postage, journals, and disposable cameras. With an additional small contribution from the school, we will also be able to pay for developing the pictures. Extras: your class may decide to include a small host/hostess gift from Stanley, such as a souvenir or postcard from Atlanta. You may want to reimburse you recipient for return postage.

5 How Much Time will this Take? Choose and communicate with your recipient. The person you choose may be a personal friend, a relative, or a teacher whose class will host Flat Stanley. Remember, the further Flat Stanley travels, the more exciting for your students. Read Flat Stanley, the book, aloud to your students. Make your Stanley; have students write in the journal. Pack your envelope. Display Flat Stanley when he returns.

6 What Help will I Have? Mrs. Hendricks, Smith, and Nevil will be available for questions, encouragement, and to provide suggestions for student journal entries. Mrs. Nevil will take and print digital photos of each class with their Flat Stanley to include in the package. Mrs. Nevil will mail your Flat Stanleys Mrs. Smith will take your returned film for developing. Mrs. Hendricks will present the project to students for the March Book of the Month

7 On-line Support Flat Stanley Official Website:

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