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5 Creativity

6 Creativity includes the arts and other experiences that involve creative thinking. This area also includes the creativity in designing and implementing service projects. It is being actively involved in creative activities Music, drama, art, computer web design, theatre production, technology, construction. Helping design a fundraiser can be creative Teaching music to peers /students is both creative and service Attending a play or concert is passive and not CAS But if you give your own talk or presentation about a concert you attended to othersthis is CAS

7 Creativity can often combine with service…

8 Action Action is physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Action includes any varsity, or competitive sport And any recreational, intramural, team or individual sport. Action can be taking part in special trips, or excursions. It is also participating in local or international projects. Action is any physical activity or work involved in any creative or service activity.


10 Recreational or competitive community sports participation..

11 Service is… unpaid / voluntary exchange that has learning benefit. interaction with others in the community. numerous community and social service activities. NHS, Key Club, SGA, Interact, and many LHS clubs and org. helping children with special needs,and hospital/hospice volunteering

12 Service activity: Stop Hunger Now sponsored by Interact and Rotary…

13 Page of Hope collects quality educational materials to be sent overseas to underserved areas…

14 Local papers and other media can be uses as evidence and documentation…

15 scanned printed programs of events are excellent documentation accepted by IB…

16 Eight CAS Learning Outcomes 1.Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth 2.Undertook new challenges 3.Planned and initiated activities 4.Worked collaboratively 5.Showed perseverance and commitment 6.Engaged with issues of global importance 7.Considered the ethical implications of actions 8.Developed new skills

17 CAS Learning outcomes 1 thru 4 1.Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth achieved through experiences which test, develop and extend skills and abilities which grow your overall competence 2. Undertook new challenges achieved by taking on a new or significantly extending an existing activity 3. Planned and initiated activities achieved with thoughtful discussion of and clearly defined areas of personal and group responsibility 4. Worked collaboratively achieved by working in at least one project collaboratively which integrates at least two of Creativity, Action, and Service in one project


19 Interact Club Holiday shopping for under-privileged children… Learning Outcomes: increased awareness; worked collaboratively; considered ethical implications; developed new skills

20 Mission Trip could be all eight CAS learning outcomes: Increased awareness, new challenge, planned and initiated, worked collaboratively, perseverance, ethical implications, new skills.




24 CAS Process 1… a)THINK about what you want to do and how you want to spend your time completing your CAS hours. b)Make sure it's meaningful, meets the learning objectives. c)Arrange for your adult supervisor who will follow through and complete a short evaluation on your participation when finished d)Everyone at LHS along with countless people in the community can be resources for you and your development of CAS. e)Enter you activity into ManageBac, and wait for approval from your advisor. f)Be careful to not over-claim or under-claim learning objectives. g)Be sure to enter a short description and supervisor PHONE and information to get pre-approval

25 CAS Process 2… a)After activity is over---upload evidence (journal, photos, blog, scanned documents) of your activity on to ManageBac. b)Be sure to REFLECT, by answering answer CAS questions on ManabeBac Reflections tab. c)Request supervisor evaluation through ManageBac as soon as you complete your activity. Do this thru ManageBac! d)Check ManageBac frequently to see if your supervisor reviews have posted. e)Valid supervisor reviews are a non-negotiable. Seniors need them in by January 31. f)Activities that have no supervisor reviews will need to be deleted. See your advisors for help… g)The main problem first IB class had were late supervisor reviews…. avoid this… communicate with your supervisors!



28 Three Steps to CAS Completion: 1. Approval--- Must have ADULT SUPERVISOR & phone 2. Document--- Use ManageBac as digital scrapbook. 3.Reflect --- Without reflection, activities are not finished.

29 1.Obtain Approval from your advisor a)Must obtain advisor approval on ManageBac first b)ADULT SUPERVISOR name, AND phone c)enter description & above info. Into ManageBac d)Wait for approval before beginning…

30 Must provide Supervisor name, & phone and select learning objectives to add any CAS activity…

31 a)All members of the LHS School Faculty and Staff are part of the IB diploma and are therefore part of the CAS team. b)Any teacher, coach, administrator, or staff member of LHS is eligible to be your adult supervisor and mentor for your CAS activities. c)Qualified adults in the community will also serve as your CAS supervisors. d)CAS advisors will also come from outside of Citrus County. CAS Supervisors…who are they?

32 2. Document: ManageBac is adigital scrapbook. a)Documentation is mandatory per IB.ORG b)Upload evidence and documentation to ManageBac. c)This pictures, video –audio files, articles, programs etc. d)Documents are easily uploaded to ManageBac e)Obtain SUPERVISOR REVIEWS (ManageBac or hardcopy) f)Stay Current –Avoid reconstructing everything afterwards

33 First documentation is to upload your CAS 1 st Interview and Reflection to ManageBac

34 Certificates of completion are documentation…

35 Uploaded documentation files on your ManageBac screen…

36 Reflection 1… a)Answer CAS questions in Reflection Tab on ManageBac b)Reflect on your CAS activities every few weeks and at conclusion. c)Post or link journaling, blogs and reflective writing to ManageBac d)Without reflection, CAS activities are not finished.

37 Reflection 2… Reflection is not always easy, it needs to be developed. Kinds of Reflection: Public or private Individual or shared Objective or subjective Various kinds of reflection work for different people. TOK (Theory of Knowledge) will help with CAS reflections…

38 Reflective questions.. Summarize and explain what you hoped to accomplish… How successful were you in achieving your goals? What were difficulties & how did you overcome them? What did you learn about yourself and others? What abilities,attitudes & values have you developed? Who helped you process what you learned? Who else helped and how? How did this activity/project benefit others? What might you do differently next time to improve? Can you apply what you learned elsewhere?

39 CAS Questions TAB on ManageBac…

40 Supervisor ReviewCAS Completion Form Request Supervisor Review through ManageBac as soon as you complete your activity. Hard Copy CAS Completion Form is on the Worksheet screen. CAS Completion Form Hard Copy Request Supervisor Review

41 CAS Project 1… a) min. of one project is a CAS requirement b)project is teamwork and collaboration.. c) minimum of two or three people… d)uses two of Creativity, Action, & Service e) project must be of significant duration f)can be local or international in nature..

42 CAS Project 2… a) is more than an activity you simply attend… b)plan, design, and create in collaboration with peers.. c) can be a one-time event, such as a fundraiser d)Is an ongoing – continuous activity e)Projects run the gamut… it can be high end or low key f)only requirement is planning and collaboration

43 Colors for CASA: Project of Hannah Huntington and Amanda Pitre

44 IB Project:Mary Lumapus, Zuhair Sami, Allyson Talaroc, Chandni Patel, Amy Chen



47 NHS Activity: Stenciling LHS Hallways on Saturdays …

48 Interact Stop Hunger Now

49 ROCCS: Rowing Organization of Citrus County Students…

50 Instructing your own martial arts (Vahda) course

51 Girls State

52 Junior Deadlines August Successful ManageBac logon---know how to access and use ManageBac. You must have logged onto ManageBac--- see advisors for help. 1 st interview uploaded onto ManageBacis 1st activity on ManageBac. Must see your advisor- during class- after school or by appt. December Min. of 3 to 5 significant CAS activities averaging 3-4 hours per week CAS Project Proposal posted on ManageBac. January Approved CAS project proposal on ManageBac by or earlier. Have 3 (three) completed activities WITH supervisor reviews. Evidence, Reflection, Documentation, CAS Questions answered, 3 successful supervisor reviews on ManageBac CAS and CAS Project must be completed by As Seniors you should finish CAS by You will not have time for CAS Spring Sem. Senior Year. Focus will be on your IB exams and Internal Assessments.

53 Senior Deadlines August Min. of 3 to 5 significant CAS activities averaging 3-4 hours per week. CAS project proposal due by : class of 2013 First interview uploaded and personally see your Advisor Interview will tell you these are complete December Min. of 10 significant CAS activities averaging 3-4 hours per week. Your CAS Project is completed. January CAS is officially over and all requirements should be completed. All supervisor reviews are returned. Obtaining timely supervisor reviews was Primary Problem for All evidence, reflection, documentation, uploaded on ManageBac. CAS questions completed on ManageBac Seniors will not have time for CAS Spring Semester ---focus is on your IB exams and Internal Assessments.

54 (go to carella) Three CAS websites to help…



57 Global Engage:

58 CAS in Sum 1: a)Min. 3 to 5 activities per semester with CAS averaging 3-4 hours per week. b)CAS project proposal due by : class of 2013 c)CAS project proposal due by : class of 2014 d)Simple rule is that CAS is significant in some way and is not going through the motions e)If youre passionate about it, or it is out of your comfort zone-- guarantees a good CAS activity. f)Dedication and devotion to any worthwhile organization, team, club is excellent CAS!

59 Cas in Sum 2… a)Must demonstrate significance to you or to the people or organization your activity serves. b)Not all activities will or can be of super significance --- but goal is to tap into your full abilities. c)ALL THREE areas of CAS must be represented (its given you may favor one area over another…) d)Must show ALL 8 learning outcomes, with evidence, reflection, documentation posted for each one. e)IB defines CAS on average 3 to 4 hours per week. More some week, less hours the next. f)IB:CAS is not counting hours, but is engaging in experiential learning through worthwhile endeavors.


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