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CAS Overview Sep. 12 th 2012. CAS Team Members  IB Coordinator  Susan Farias  CAS Coordinators  Beth Scussel

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1 CAS Overview Sep. 12 th 2012

2 CAS Team Members  IB Coordinator  Susan Farias (  CAS Coordinators  Beth Scussel (  Todd Maxwell (  Academic Coaches  Parents


4 What is CAS?  “CAS is at the heart of the IB Diploma Programme. It is one of the three essential elements in ever student’s Diploma Programme. It involves students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies throughout the Diploma Programme …CAS enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning.”  -Creativity, Action, Service Guide (2008)

5 CAS: Creativity, Action, Service  What constitutes Creativity ?  Arts and other experiences that involve creativity  What is Action ?  Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle  “breaking a sweat”

6 CAS: Creativity, Action, Service  What is Service ?  Students must have consequential responsibilities, this is more than just volunteering  Must have a learning benefit for the student

7 CAS Learning Outcomes (LOs) 1. Increased awareness of own strengths and areas for growth 2. Undertaken new challenges 3. Planned and initiated new activities 4. Worked collaboratively with others 5. Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities 6. Engaged in issues of global importance 7. Considered the ethical implications of their actions 8. Developed new skills

8 4 Criteria of a CAS Activity 1. Real purposeful activities, with significant outcomes. 2. Personal challenge- tasks must extend the student 3. Thoughtful consideration: planning, reviewing progress and reporting 4. Reflection on outcomes and personal learning

9 Is it CAS? Areas of exclusion 1. Just volunteering- must have a learning benefit. 2. Activities for pay 3. Political activities which are divisive 4. A course for a grade 5. Religious activity involving only your own religion 6. A family responsibility 7. Other activities deemed inappropriate by the CAS team

10 IB Requirements  Duration of the CAS program-  Involvement must be continuous for 18 months  Students should participate about 3-4 hours a week  Students must document their activities and provide evidence that they have achieved the learning outcomes.  Documentation frequency and length is based on depth and extent of involvement in the activity or project

11 Things to consider when choosing an activity…  Activities should:  Include a measureable goal  Include opportunities to learn new skills  Last for at least 6 weeks (8 weeks for projects).  Documented and verifiable  More than volunteering- you must have a plan.

12 Responsibilities of the Student 1. Self review at the beginning of his/her CAS experience to set personal CAS goals. 2. Plan, do, reflect

13 Responsibilities of the Student 4. Communicate with Academic coach (CAS advisor) and CAS coordinators regularly 5. Take part in a range of activities, including at least one PROJECT  2 components of CAS  Last at least 8 weeks  Involve collaboration, planning, and initiation.

14 Responsibilities of the Student 6. Always keep records of the activities/achievements he/she is involved with.

15 Documentation Requirements:  Proposal  A thorough description of the activity planned  An explanation of how the students plans to work directly with the learner outcomes selected for the activity/project  Clearly define at least one measurable goal

16 Documentation Requirements  Reflections/reporting progress.  Must occur at least once a month  Narrative explanation of the student’s involvement with the activity during the month  Questions that should be addressed:  What did I plan to do? What did I actually do?  What did I learn during my involvement?  What is the value of this activity?  Supportive evidence  Photos, videos, hour logs from service site, documents created during planning

17 Documentation Requirements  Concluding an activity:  Final reflection  What was the result of the activity?  Was the measurable goal met? Why or why not?  CAS questions  Very important!  Address each of the LOs listed for the activity/project, provide examples of how these learning outcomes were met.

18 Consequences  To be “in compliance” with CAS students must:  Have 2 components of CAS running at all times.  Most report progress for each activity open each month.

19 Consequences  First out of compliance : CAS coordinator lead detention in computer lab.  Second out of compliance: academic referral, detention in IB office.  Third out of compliance : second referral and parent conference

20 Parent Responsibilities  Monitor student’s CAS  Hold them accountable for keeping up with CAS throughout the 18 th months, especially during breaks  Discuss student’s CAS  especially the global importance and ethical consideration LOs. Help students to see the bigger picture of their actions.  Communicate with academic coach and/or CAS coordinator when there are questions/concerns

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