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Geography of Canada Forestry.

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1 Geography of Canada Forestry

2 1.Canada’s Forest Resource 2.Methods of Harvesting Forests 3.Forestry Issues

3 Pacific Maritime Montane Cordillera Boreal Shield Canada’s Forest Resource

4 Pacific Maritime Montane Cordillera Boreal Shield Canada’s Forest Resource

5 Boreal means northern in Russian Boreal Shield Boreal Forest


7 The northern Boreal Forest is dominated by only two species of trees - Black Spruce and White Spruce. Taiga is the Russian word for forest. Boreal Forest

8 Black Spruce White SpruceBalsam FirJack Pine Cedar TamarackWhite BirchPoplar Boreal Forest

9 Pacific Maritime Pacific Maritime Forest

10 Douglas Fir Sitka Spruce Pacific Maritime Forest

11 Western Red CedarWestern Hemlock Pacific Maritime Forest

12 Montane Cordillera Montane Cordillera Forest

13 Engelmann SprucePonderosa PineDouglas Fir Montane Cordillera Forest

14 Pulp and Paper Products Quebec $11575 million Ontario $10018 million British Columbia $7514 million Other Provinces $7286 million Value of Forest Industry

15 British Columbia $11 234 million Quebec $5306 million Ontario $3454 million Alberta $1731 million New Brunswick $751 million Other Provinces $780 million Value of Forest Industry Wood Products

16 Clear-cutting Shelterwood Cutting Selective cutting Methods of Harvesting Forests

17 Trees up to 25" in diameter can be cut with the XL25. Methods of Harvesting Forests

18 Loggers remove every tree and leave a barren landscape. When replanted, the new forest grows uniformly in species and size Methods of Harvesting Forests Clear Cutting

19 Involves clear-cutting only part of an old growth forest Small groups of seed bearing trees are left so the area will regenerate. Shelterwood method is often used in forests that have grown and aged evenly Methods of Harvesting Forests Shelterwood Cutting

20 Another shot of the same stand in an area that has been finished-- except for picking up a few logs. The stand is about 65 years old. Only mature trees of the desired size, type or quality Selective Cutting Methods of Harvesting Forests

21 Too few trees are replanted? = Soil erosion Forestry Issues

22 Clogged Rivers

23 Air Pollution Water Pollution Forestry Issues

24 Aerial Spraying Forest Fires Forestry Issues

25 Destruction of Wildlife Habitat

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