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NC OneMap: Building the Statewide Geospatial Data Resource Jeffrey Brown Center for Geographic Information and Analysis October 28, 2004.

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1 NC OneMap: Building the Statewide Geospatial Data Resource Jeffrey Brown Center for Geographic Information and Analysis October 28, 2004

2 2 NC OneMap is … free, statewide data resource distributed network of servers Internet-based map viewer decision support tool with geospatial data as the hub

3 3 NC OneMap is … resource for technical and management staff in federal, state, and local agencies geospatial data discovery tool for the public NCs contribution to the National Map

4 4 Geographic Information Coordinating Council Gen. Stat. §143-725 GIS policy group 33 members Local, regional, state, and federal participation Advises the Governor and General Assembly

5 5 Data Inventory Data, web mapping, applications Display and update online Local government inventory State survey underway

6 6 GIS Applications Across North Carolina

7 7 Local Governments Who Create/ Update/Integrate/Distribute GIS Data Estimated $162M investment has been made at the local level

8 8 NC OneMap Initial Data Layers Produced by Cities and Counties

9 9 Internet Access to Data

10 10 Requirements Interviews Data Functionality Direction for Release One Development

11 11 Summary of Requirements Easy to Use Viewing – Cross Jurisdictional Address Locator; Zoom To Tools; Router Metadata Print Download Overview Map

12 12 Summary of Requirements Buffer Impact Area Search From Point Supporting Data Design Elements: Data Groupings, Avoid Clutter; Avoid Animation; Base Layer Default Strategy

13 13 Involvement Core Team Community GIS Coordinators City/County Managers Private Sector USGS, CGIA, State Agencies, Regions Years of Partnering on NSDI

14 14 Results, and work in progress June 30 release and ongoing updates 48 Communities today, 92 interested 30 Counties, 14 Cities/Towns, 4 COGS 185 data layers from state & local

15 15 Results, and work in progress Cost of local aerials on NC OneMap today is $4.5 million Federal, state and private streaming 18 Functions Distributed network, distributed Services

16 16 How does NC OneMap work? Map viewer for web browser High speed Internet Geospatial backbone: Open GIS protocols enabling multiple servers to serve maps to the viewer Culture: data sharing, standards, consistency, maintenance, metadata

17 17

18 18 NC OneMap Viewer


20 20 Zoom to a region and display federal data: land cover and roads

21 21 Zoom to a set of counties and display water supply watersheds

22 22 Zoom to a county and display sites and major roads (Wake County)

23 23 Zoom within a county and display labeled points and a reference theme

24 24 Zoom to a neighborhood and display local streets (Wake County)

25 25 Zoom to a site and display imagery (Wake County)

26 26

27 27 Tax parcels and imagery, Nags Head

28 28 High resolution imagery served from Mecklenburg County

29 29

30 30

31 31

32 32

33 33 Zoom to a Point tool request

34 34 Zoom to a Point tool result

35 35 Address Lookup tool request

36 36 Address Lookup tool result

37 37 Measure tool result

38 38

39 39 Asheville region with shaded relief and major streams

40 40 Elevation Profile tool request

41 41 Elevation Profile tool result

42 42 Elevation Query tool result

43 43 Elevation Query tool result – Old Capitol Building

44 44 Address Lookup tool

45 45 Address Lookup tool result – Biltmore Estate entrance

46 46

47 47 Data Extract tool request summary

48 48 Goals of Strategic Plan Establish NC OneMap foundation Capture the major investments needed Identify needs for maintenance of the resource Data Infrastructure: hardware, software, applications, system hosting services, staff

49 49 Benefits of NC OneMap Cost savings in data collection through regional and statewide approaches Data consistency across jurisdictions Much easier access to data for addressing local, regional, and statewide issues

50 50 Benefits of NC OneMap More efficient use of finite staff resources across all governments Better, more consistent products from an integrated data resource

51 51 NC OneMap Showcase what is available Expose what is missing Framework for custom map viewers

52 52 What About Statistics? Features: boundaries, lines and point locations Tabular data Joining tables to features Classifying features

53 53 Thematic map using Census data.

54 54 Census data mapped with legend visible on the right.

55 55 What are the topics? Population and housing Employment and income Socio-economic indicators Vital statistics and health Others __________________

56 56 Who are the users? Private business / markets Public policy and advocacy Research and analysis Others: _______________

57 57 What are the common questions and requests? Population characteristics within a distance of a location Income and poverty by neighborhood Workforce characteristics by region Others__________________________

58 58 What are the functions needed? Interactive map design Thematic maps / cartographic elements Printing Download results Others__________________________

59 59 Thank you! 919-733-2090

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