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MIX April 20071 VOIP Project at MIX Status Update Mauro Magrassi

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1 VOIP @ MIX April 20071 VOIP Project at MIX Status Update Mauro Magrassi

2 VOIP @ MIX April 20072 VOIP Project Background Conceptual thinking 2005, project starts in 2006 Infrastructure Eco-system beneficial to VOIP peering adoption/growth Bring new potential Operators into NAPs aside ISPs Facilitate VOIP interconnection between large and small VOIP players Hard to burst new services on VOIP without critical mass

3 VOIP @ MIX April 20073 Issues Huge Inertia of VOIP-TDM-VOIP interconnection solutions on technical side Huge Inertia in changing Accounting and Billing Systems Market still highly consolidated and not keen to move Lack of stable VOIP interconnection standards (VOIP signaling, cross- border IP QoS etc. ) Regulation aspects (lawful intercept nightmare, log retention, unclear government position, license fee schemes) Huge difference in nature between VOIP players (NGN networks Infrastructure-based Vs. ISPs Internet-based)

4 VOIP @ MIX April 20074 Still…why not Open Internet (and then through IXP) Common DoS : ping flood, smurf, PoD Layer 4 attacks :syn & udp flood, queue overflows Layer 5 attacks : buffer overflows over application stacks of signalling protocols Intra-provider QoS

5 VOIP @ MIX April 20075 Project Testing Phase: 2006 Several different Interconnection Scenarios strategy Testing activity: Focus on basic voip services interoperability tests Huge debate on Numbering (geographical, 6, 5…) Carrier ENUM introduction DTMF and T.38 initial testing Monitoring, management and accounting support platforms testing Project Dissemination

6 VOIP @ MIX April 20076 2006 Approach

7 VOIP @ MIX April 20077 2006 Approach Several ways to interconnect: flexible but… Hard to scale Not easy to manage Replicating MIX basic services

8 VOIP @ MIX April 20078 Project Status (March. 07) 12 Voip Providers connected Eutelia Infracom TLC NetscaliburKPNQwest Italy NGI ULIFastweb TiscaliMcLink MetrolinkElitel

9 VOIP @ MIX April 20079 Make it simpler: define only one interconnection scenario where each Voip network interconnects to the MIX shared SBC cluster via a dedicated REALM VOIP@MIX 2007: progress

10 VOIP @ MIX April 200710 REALM MIX Nextone SBC can be configured in a multi-tenant scenario The Realm is the cornerstone feature: a virtual (802.1q) or physical port can be associated to a given voip network, a signaling gateway and a media gateway ip can be dedicated on the SBC for that network using IP addresses belonging to that backbone; a default gateway over the network has to be provided to the Realm virtual routing instance One-fits-all, and also nomadic players (ISP) are facilitated

11 VOIP @ MIX April 200711 New Stuff Dedicated Switching Environment Prefix based routing convention based upon AIIP (Italian National Internet Provider Association) Opcode Management Platform Testing FOCUS: facilitate interconnection between big players and Small-medium ISP (regionals, WISP etc.)

12 VOIP @ MIX April 200712 VOIP @ MIX: Scenario

13 VOIP @ MIX April 200713 Nomadic Services Scenario

14 VOIP @ MIX April 200714 New VOIP @ MIX: Advantages Full IP decoupling between connected networks For members, (can be) only configware Fits well the shared ethernet nature of an IXP Nicely follows a buy then make growth model for VOIP (so that scalability should not be our biggest issue) Very flexible, still with respect to 2006 version Allows IXP to remain a point No Ip routing whatsoever QOS handling decoupled and facilitated between different backbones Helpful for the Nomadic service providers

15 VOIP @ MIX April 200715 Simple scheme: Infrastructure Costs (one off) VOIP Traffic management costs (recurring) Infrastructure costs: switch port(s), VLANs, SBC Realms Traffic costs: A fee based upon simultaneous calls license Still, SBC to SBC is possible, but is already a MIX std service…. Costs

16 VOIP @ MIX April 200716 Traffic Costs: Tier approach License for N simultaneous calls every technical feature on signaling manipulation available excluding any form of media transcoding, are defined as follows: I.Tier 0 :10 simultaneous calls II.Tier 1: 30 simultaneous calls III.Tier 2 : 50 simultaneous calls IV.Tier 3 : 70 simultaneous calls V.Tier 4 : 100 smultaneous calls

17 VOIP @ MIX April 200717 2007 Costs Infrastructure: 120 euro per month, free for IP peering members Price per simultaneous call: Tier 0. – 2,70 Euro /m Tier 1. - 2,65 Euro / m Tier 2 - 2,60 Euro / m Tier 3. - 2,50 Euro / m Tier 4. - 2,40 Euro / m

18 VOIP @ MIX April 200718 Developments Interoperability of SIP presence, instant messaging and IP videocalls; Stable support for DTMF, T.38 and data calls over Voip CDR Neutral Accounting Emergency Numbers access from Nomadic VOIP users Long Distance web marketplace Centralized VOIP Lawful Intercept (?)

19 VOIP @ MIX April 200719 Thank you! General Tech Dept Tel +39 02 4091 5701 Fax+39 02 4091 5693

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