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NAP do Brasil NAPLA 2008 May 27.

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1 NAP do Brasil NAPLA 2008 May 27

2 Network of NAP’s: Interconnection with NAP of the Americas;
General Terremark Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMRK) is a leading provider of managed IT infrastructure services Terremark do Brasil Ltda. is a fully owned subsidiary company of Terremark Worldwide, Inc. Network of NAP’s: Interconnection with NAP of the Americas; Infrastructure: Best-in-Class (Reliability and Availability). Neutrality: Carrier Neutral Commercial NAP

3 NAPs Global Network and Aggregation Points

4 Other PoP’s in Latin America Region
NAP de Las Américas Colombia: Bogotá - Colombia Exchange Platform in place Operational since April/2008 NAP del Caribe: Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic Beginning of the Operation (officially) will be on June/2008 Both to be interconnected to the NAP of the Americas Carrier Neutral and Commercial NAP's Aggregation Point in Rio de Janeiro Operation waiting for connection to the NAP do Brasil

5 NAP do Brasil

6 NAP do Brasil – Main Characteristics
NAP do Brasil: Located in São Paulo Metropolitan Area (Tamboré - Barueri) NOC - Monitoring: Local (24x7x365) and Centralized (Miami) Collo Area (sm) : 500m2 (Initial) / 450m2 (Expansion) Massive Connectivity & “Zero Mile” : No need of local loops for Peering, Transit and Point-to-Point links Cross-connects: Over 500 Standardization: Same International Rules and Procedures Connectivity: Fiber, Microwave and Satellite => “Teleport”

7 Exchange Platform (May 2008)
Participants: 35 Total Traffic: 8.3 Gbps (peak) Number of Prefixes: 6,387

8 NAP do Brasil – Exchange Point Participants
Legend: (1) Under Activation (2) Peering to be negotiated

9 Exchange Platform Peak Traffic Evolution
Maio/2008 = 8,3 Gbps Gbps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 fev/04 mai/04 ago/04 nov/04 fev/05 mai/05 ago/05 nov/05 fev/06 mai/06 ago/06 nov/06 fev/07 mai/07 ago/07 nov/07 fev/08 mai/08 8,30 7,40 5,50 4,80 3,60 2,00 1,10 1,00 0,68 0,40

10 Exchange Platform Ports
Port Availability 10Mbps 100Mbs 1Gbps 10Gbps Port Utilization per AS# 10Mbps : 03 (8.6%) 100Mbps: 13 (37.1%) 1Gbps : 14 (40.0%) 10Gbps : 05 (14.3%)

11 Exchange Platform Utilization
Participants Profile Exchange Platform Utilization Public Peering VLAN: Multilateral peering without restrictions Private Peering VLAN’s: Telefonica and Oi (Telemar) Pure Transit Providers (IP Transit or DIA): Brasil Telecom and Value4Net Public/Private Peering VLAN and Transit: On the same physical interface Connectivity to the NAP for Peering Local Peering: Customer equipment (collo) is located at the NAP Remote Peering: Customer equipment is located outside NAP Networked Peering: When two companies peer at the different NAP’s, using Terremark’s Global Network.

12 State-of-the-Art Platform comprised by Force10 Switches
Exchange Platform High Reliability Redundant Topology State-of-the-Art Platform comprised by Force10 Switches Quick Activation: “Plug and Peer” Interconnected via Optical Fiber and UTP Cat.6 to the MPR Flexible, Robust and Scalable High Processing Capacity, capable to handle Future Expansions Almost unlimited number of Tagged VLAN’s (802.11q)

13 Peering at Terremark - NAP do Brasil
Carrier Neutrality Exchange Services are Core Business of Terremark Platform installed in a World Class Data Center Services Agreement with SLA and Remedy Clauses Major Multilateral Exchange Point in Latin America Human Resources highly specialized in IP Technologies Interconnection to the Worldwide Network of Terremark NAP’s Site ideally constructed for Carriers, ISP’s, Content Providers, SaaS Providers, MMGO’s, VoIP companies, etc. IPv4 (current) and/or IPv6 (from Jul 2008)

14 VoIP Peering Topology Network B Network B Network A VoIP Peering Media
VoIP Peering Service Provider Data Base VoIP Peering SIP, H.323 ENUM NAT/FW SIP, H.323 ENUM NAT/FW Internet Internet Media Diveo radio Network A Network B Network B Media IP Peering Terremark do Brasil

15 Global Peering Forum The GPF (Global Peering Forum) is an annual event jointly organized by Equinix, Switch & Data, Terremark, AMSIX and DECIX, as well as sponsored by several equipment vendors. Last year, the event had the participation of almost 200 attendees at the Hard Rock Casino Resort.

16 For further information please access
Thank You! Hugo Zanon Junior Tel: For further information please access

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