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MyFloridaNet Presented to The State of Florida E911 Board

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1 MyFloridaNet Presented to The State of Florida E911 Board
by Stephanie Sharpe Technical Consultant, AT&T November 14, 2007 Introductions

2 Agenda MyFloridaNet Requirements Technical Aspects Benefits Questions

3 The Network of Networks


5 Requirements Feature Rich With % Availability Dedicated Carrier Class - Service Provider and Enterprise Serve All User Communities Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) - Switching and Routing Management and Administration Support Provider and Customer Managed Multiple Transports Speed and Functionality (56 Kbps to 1 Gig) Convergence of Voice, Video & Data Quality of Service - Standardized Model Industry Leading Service Level Assurances Performance, Availability, Operational, Trouble Notification

6 Requirements Web Based Customer Network Management
Redundant Network Operations Center 24/7 Dedicated Engineering Resources Enhanced Security State Contract Competitive Pricing

7 Technical Aspects

8 Statewide Hardened/Secure

9 MPLS High Bandwidth High Availability 2.4 Gig 622 M Security
Ethernet Frame Relay Security Flexibility Any to Any Transport MPLS High Bandwidth High Availability 2.4 Gig 622 M

10 Strategies for keeping local traffic local
IPv6 capable 2GMAN integration including SLA Tallahassee core in two different sites

11 MyFloridaNet Backbone Ethernet Frame Relay SONET Ring Customer Routers
Provider Edge Routers VLAN 1 PVC 1 VLAN 2 PVC 2 Ethernet Frame Relay SONET Ring Customer Routers

12 Quality of Service Hosted Voice Service Emergency Voice Real-time
Interactive Priority Business Best Effort Hosted Voice Service

13 Security Features Department of Defense Policy Guidelines
Proactive Mitigation Internet Firewall Dedicated Security Engineer 24/7 Security Support Level 2 Background Investigations Physically Secure Hardened Node Facilities Enhances your efforts Logging sent to enterprise security appliance

14 World Class Support Geographically Redundant - 24/7 Network Operations Center Dedicated Engineering Resources Security Engineer AT&T and DMS Support Teams

15 It’s All In There Statewide Coverage High Bandwidth – over 20 Gigabits
MPLS - Secure/Private 99.999% Reliability Quality of Service Focus on Frame Relay & Ethernet Transport Stringent Service Level Assurances Outstanding Support Resources

16 Award Winning Network Management Tools CA Spectrum, eHealth, & NetQoS

17 Network Status Per agency view of your network
Populated for you as each site moves Backup system in winter park Enhances any existing agency system tool suite Permits agencies to drop any existing monitoring system

18 Network Health Tools Performance Views Custom Reports Ping SSH
Customizable Performance Views Device Port Custom Reports Availability Performance Trending SLA Verification Custom and ad hoc Can receive reports and alerts via

19 More Granular Analysis
Which applications are bandwidth hogs? Monitor top interfaces, protocols, and hosts Measure rate, volume, and utilization by protocol, host, and conversation Analyze trends in applications, hosts, and conversations per class of service What’s in it for you? QoS is standard offering. Value to you? – Provider monitoring of your links/capacity. Our view is just to allow us to monitor the backbone.

20 Network Management Benefits
Web Based - Anywhere, Anytime Access Easy to Use Cost Effective – Integral Part of the Service Know Your Network Done for you! NMS entries populated as each site moves. Web access to tools. During One-on-one detail discussion we will set up your specific values and parameters. You can, for example, set a bandwidth level capacity alert at 75%.


22 Simplified Budgeting Flat Rate Pricing Statewide*
No Minimum Term – Month to Month – Order Via CSA Customer Premises Equipment Rent Purchase Lease Bring Your Own Router (BYOR) Internet Access All Inclusive Rate – QoS, Management, Tools Limited Installation Charges *(12 Mbps and below) Familiar on-line CSA order processing DMS web-based information to support agency ordering Site to be available within days Flat rate kbps – 12Mbps, 15Mbps – 45Mbps within 0-25Miles, Higher than 45M is ICB

23 Benefits Statewide Available to All Public Safety and Emergency Responder Communities 99.999% Availability Always There When You Need It High Bandwidth Application Bandwidth Increases Are Easily Accommodated Secure Enhances Your Security Strategy Quality of Service Convergence of Voice, Video, & Data Management Tools Facilitates Planning & Problem Diagnosis at No Additional Cost Support Resources Augments Your Staff With No Additional Investment Stringent SLAs Assured On-time Service Delivery and Trouble Notification Cost Effective Allows More Participation & Collaboration w/Simplified Budgeting

24 Public Safety/Emergency Responders
Florida Interoperability Network FDLE/Criminal Justice Network Highway Safety Fish and Wildlife

25 Questions?

26 Thank You! Stephanie Sharpe Technical Consultant AT&T Southeast

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