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Veterans’ Program Staff Training Outreach, Resources & Reports.

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1 Veterans’ Program Staff Training Outreach, Resources & Reports

2 2 To promote and maximize the employment of Florida's veterans, especially veterans with barriers to employment, we must:  Utilize the complete menu of One-Stop Career Center resources  Expand and develop our network of Organizations, Service Providers and Employers  Provide consistent and effective communication within our Network(s) DEO Veterans Program Outreach Mission

3 Head to Toe Event Planning HEAD Develop the event idea & Get Approval (What, Where, Why) HANDS Who will participate? What will be done? When? How? BODY Ensure prior preparations are completed at all phases FEET Ensure proper closure & Feedback Review Information

4 4 Local Veteran Employment Representatives (LVER) serve as advocates for employment and training opportunities with businesses, industries and local employers. LVER Employer Outreach As an employment and career advocate for veterans the LVERs primary role is to conduct employer outreach activities for the development of opportunities for veterans

5 5  Marketing plans raise awareness among employers about veterans as well as One-Stop Career Center services.  Effective program marketing includes planned and coordinated employer visits that benefit RWB objectives as well as veterans.  Marketing One-Stops to veterans should include serving employed as well as unemployed veterans.  Job/Career fairs  Employer visits  Community groups, Military organizations and service organizations Marketing Strategies for Success

6 6 DVOP staff conduct outreach to locate economically or educationally disadvantaged veterans, veterans with barriers to employment, veterans with special needs & homeless veterans through the following organizations and/or activities:  Vet Centers, VA Medical Centers and Clinics  Veterans' Service Organizations  Venues and locations where veterans congregate DVOP Outreach to Veterans

7 7 DVOP staff conduct organizational visits to develop partnerships with organizations that provide various services and resources for Veterans.  Vet Centers, VA Medical Centers and Clinics  Community based and civic organizations  Veterans' Service Organizations  Veterans’ Affairs Educational Coordinators  Reserve and National Guard units DVOP Organizational Visits

8 One-Stop Outreach & Resources JVSG staff conduct outreach to local businesses and organizations, but reaching out to other workforce programs and staff within the One-Stop are vital  Other Regional Vet Staff  WP Program Staff  WIA Program Staff  Disability Navigators  One-Stop Managers  Military Family Employment Advocates

9  Welcome to Florida’s Veterans’ program team Email  Florida’s DEO Website  National Veterans Training Institute (NVTI) website you can find Title 38, USC, Chapters 41 and 42, which governs the veterans’ program. The NVTI website is located at:  NVTI offers no-cost on-line courses for Veterans program staff, and a Resource page Internet Resources

10 NVTI Resources

11 FL Dept of VA

12 DEO Training Materials

13 Reporting Resources are valuable tools that will assist you during the development and/or analysis of required reports and documentation. Some examples include:  VPLs explain various processes and reports  DEO Training Presentations teach EFM service codes  NVTI Presentations teach Roles & Responsibilities  DEO Travel Manual explains requirements

14 Quarterly Managers Report



17 ETA 9002/Vets 200 Report

18 VET-200 (A) DVOP

19 DVOP First quarter 2012 Services Served 30,542 veterans which equates to 25% of registered veterans; Reportable services provided include:  Career Guidance: 23.8 %  Intensive Services: 5.1%  Job Search Activities: 46.7 %  Referred to Employment: 23.8 %  Referred to Federal Training: 5.4 % DVOP intensive services should be higher.

20 VET-200 (B) LVER

21 LVER First quarter 2012 Services Served 22,217 veterans which equates to 17% of registered veterans; Reportable services provided include:  Career Guidance: 23.9 %  Intensive Services: 2.6%  Job Search Activities: 45.8%  Referred to Employment: 28.9%  Referred to Federal Training: 5.4% Not considerably different from DVOP.

22 22 State Negotiated PY 2011-12 Performance Measurement Targets DVOP Disabled Veterans EER42% Disabled Veterans ERR77% LVER Recently Separated Veterans EER48% Recently Separated Veterans ERR75% DVOP/LVER Consolidated Veteran EER-Weighted46% Veteran ERR77% Veterans’ Average Earnings (AE)$14,700 Performance Targets for One-Stop Services for Veterans Veterans Entered Employment Rate (EER)44% Veterans Employment Retention Rate (ERR)77% Veterans Average Earning (AE)$14,800 Disabled Veterans EER40% Disabled Veterans ERR76% Disabled Veterans AE$15,500 Performance Measurements

23 23 Weighting: Assures that special consideration is given to disabled veterans requiring intensive services. The Entered Employment Rate (EER) is adjusted based on the proportion that veterans who entered employment after receiving intensive services represent among all veterans who entered employment. VPL 05-08 Wtd EER Calculation - Tool Performance Measurements

24 24  Employer & Organizational Outreach  Use Available Resources  Reports  Performance Summary

25 Questions And Discussion

26 Shawn Forehand Paul Furbush State Veterans’ Program Coordinator Asst. Veterans’ Program Coordinator Phone:(850) 245- 7424 /Fax: (850) 921-3495 Phone:(850) 921-3867 Additional Resources: DEO Veterans’ Workforce program Resources resources DOL VETS Veterans Program Letters DEO best Practices An equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. All voice telephone numbers on this document may be reached by persons using TTY/TDD equipment via the Florida Relay Service at 711. Contact Information

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