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Land Between Two Rivers Fertile Crescent Empires

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1 10 20 30 40 50 Land Between Two Rivers Fertile Crescent Empires
Legacy of Mesopotamia Mediterranean Civilizations Judaism 10 20 30 40 50

2 Ancient Mesopotamia is located on land between which two rivers?
10 Points Category

3 These people, also, known as professional writers, were very important because they kept records for kings and priests. They also kept track of sales, marriages, taxes, and debts. 20 Points Category

4 These people worshipped at a ziggurat, were polytheistic, told stories about god’s that explained people’s beliefs, and were ruled by King Sargon. Their city was conquered by the city of Akkad in 2300 B.C. and eventually Babylonia in the 1700’s B.C. 30 points

5 Mesopotamia is a part of the __________, a region in Southwest Asia that was the site of the world’s first civilizations. 40 points

6 Cities in Sumer were not all ruled by one person, instead, each city was separate and independent of one another. What were these cities called? 50 pts

7 What is the capital of the Babylonian Empire?
10 Points

8 This man created the Babylonian empire in 1787 B. C
This man created the Babylonian empire in 1787 B.C. by conquering cities in Sumer and lands far to the north. He ruled the empire using a code of laws to let people know what is expected of them and the punishments that usually meant “eye for and eye?

9 The Babylonians built roads that made travel much easier, thus, encouraged trade throughout the empire. Because of it’s location, Babylon was a crossroads of trade. Groups of travelers stopped by Babylon to trade and shop, these GROUPS OF TRAVELERS were called?

10 The cities of Sumer and Assyria often had markets where shoppers could buy cotton and cloth from India and spices from Egypt. What were these markets called?

11 Babylon was rebuilt after it was destroyed by two groups called the Medes and Chaldeans. Who was the king that rebuilt the city and ruled it?

12 This system of writing developed by the Mesopotamians, used symbols to make groups of wedges that represented specific objects.

13 What MATERIAL did the Sumerians use to write keep their records on?

14 What was used to keep track of how many animals were bought or sold, or how much food had been grown? They were made out of clay.

15 This religion in persian culture worshipped one god, unlike some of the neighboring areas that worshipped many gods.

16 What is the term that means “many territories and peoples controlled by one government.

17 The Phoenicians were masters of what?

18 The term meaning the belief in only one god.

19 The Phoenicians relied on a system of writing to conduct trade, they used 22 symbols in their writing system, what were these symbols called?

20 What was the name of the Israelites most sacred text?

21 This leader of the Israelites taught his people to worship only one god.

22 This binding agreement, the Israelites believed they were expected to follow gods laws and just be kind to others.

23 This Israelite leader lived around 1200 B. C
This Israelite leader lived around 1200 B.C. and told the Israelites that god would lead them to the “Promised land.”

24 The term meaning religious teachers who are regarded as speaking for god.

25 This group of people drove the Jews out of Jerusalem in 135 A.D.

26 This term meant “the scattering of a group of people,” it forced the Jews away from their homeland and onto other settlements.

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