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Tumwater School District. Select Parents

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1 Tumwater School District

2 Select Parents

3 Family Access Login Login must be 8 characters – First five of last name - First three of first name (use spaces as filler if necessary)


5 Student Info – Multiple Students

6 Grades – Progress Reports Term = 3 week progress reportS = end of trimester Teachers agreed to post grades every three weeks – pick up a posting schedule.

7 Grades – Missing Assignments If an assignment is missing this tab will show when it was assigned as well as when it was due

8 Grades – GPA/Class Rank Top line shows cumulative earned credits, failed credits and GPA

9 Grades - Comments

10 Class Messages Next tab Teachers have the option to post a message to all parents. Your e-mail address must be on the student information tab

11 Attendance - Calendar Next tab Shaded by absence type - click on date for more detail

12 Attendance – By Day Note attendance codes

13 Attendance - Totals

14 Schedule – Current Year Next tab

15 Schedule – Next Year Not available at this time

16 Discipline – Offense Information Some schools are just now starting to use the discipline option. Please be patient if yours is not. Next tab If used by your school, you can see a list of discipline referrals and actions taken.

17 Food Service – Account Information Next tab Shows money you have put in the lunch room account, total of purchases made and current balance

18 Food Service - Payments

19 Food Service - Purchases If student made purchase you could see exactly what he/she had purchased on that date.

20 Fee Management – Fee Activity In the future

21 Health Next tab Can see your students up to date shot record

22 Login History Uses same security type used by banks. BUT Please check this now and then to be sure no unauthorized user is accessing your account Next tab

23 Help….

24 Current Year Courses

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