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BCeSIS Report Cards High School Setup.

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1 BCeSIS Report Cards High School Setup

2 Objectives Admin Teacher
Learn how to setup school in BCeSIS to produce report cards Report Periods, GPA Module School Message Basic Mark Entry Teacher Comment Bank Mark Entry Comments Entry

3 Admin – Report Periods Enter dates for when you would like the attendance to be cut-off. These dates do not reflect when report cards are due. If your elementary has different reporting dates, enter your elementary dates before the high school. Be sure to enter reporting periods for all course formats ie Full Year, Semester, Full Term

4 Admin – GPA Module Sets up the reporting dates on the Report Card.
School / GPA Module / School Reporting Dates Reporting date is the last date for attendance recorded on the Report Card. Add all reporting dates and course formats.

5 Admin – School Message Puts a message on your report card.
School / School Details / Enter Adhoc Fields Select “School Level Fields” under Sub Category Click “Change” under School Report Card Message to add a message

6 Admin – School Level Comments
School / Mark Information / Comments Create standard messages for all of your teachers to use. Optional Replacement Characters $ - Preferred Name # - His / Her @ - He / She

7 Report Card Setup Teachers

8 Teachers – Teacher Assistant
Click “Setup Options” then Preferences

9 Teachers – Create a Prep
Click on the “My Preps” Tab Click “Add” Enter a Prep Description (Ex. “All) Category = All Prep Assignment Types = Select at least 1

10 Teachers - Preps

11 Teachers – My Comments You can create a bank of comments to use for your report cards. These comments will stay with you year over year. Replacement Characters $ - Preferred Name # - His / Her @ - He / She

12 Teachers – Mark Entry Click on “Spreadsheet”

13 Teachers – Mark Entry Click “Go To Comments Entry Screen”
Select the “Class” and “Reporting Term” Enter a numerical mark. Double Click the comment field to bring up your comments or to type in your own comment.

14 Verification Report Used to verify / review teacher marks and comments
You must have MS Access 2000 or newer Forums / Reports / Report Card Verification Report

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