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Online Access to Grades at Serra High School

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1 Online Access to Grades at Serra High School
Back to School Night August 28, 2008

2 Parent Connect Parents register online
Notification: , website, announcements Must come to school for password Photo ID Sign contract Student passwords: homeroom Target date: end of September PowerSchool:

3 This is the login screen:
The first time you try to login you will Register, which lets the school know that you are requesting a login and password. This initiates the process, but you do not get the password online. In order to ensure that you are not requesting a login to look at another student’s grade, we generate your password internally and you are asked to come to school, present a photo ID, and sign a use contract. The schedule for this will be sent out by and posted online. Please do not simply show up at school the next day requesting a password—we will notify you when we are ready. Students will be given their passwords at a homeroom meeting at school.

4 Once you have your password and login you will see this screen.

5 This is the home page. Notice the pencils on the left
This is the home page. Notice the pencils on the left. There are three students linked to this login, whose names we have ghosted for the time being. The information on this page tells you his current assignments in class, overall GPA, any attendance or disciplinary incidents. It also lets you know when we last updated the database. We will be updating the database every evening; this is not a “real time” application.

6 Serra’s Expectations Parents: Teachers
Use Parent Connect to get grades Teachers Enter assignments within two weeks

7 This is the screen for Grades—these were the grades sent on the last report card. We will still be sending home report cards since that is an official communication from the school.

8 This is the General tab, which gives student contact information. Although you cannot update this information online, we will include a link to our Registrar who updates all student records for security reasons.

9 This is the page that everyone wants to see—assignments
This is the page that everyone wants to see—assignments. The current view is for assignments for the entire school year, but you can select only for the last month, the last week, etc. Also, each of these columns is a sort key. You can sort by period, course, type of assignments, due date, etc. The total score as well as number possible is viewable as well.

10 This again is another grade screen.

11 This is the attendance screen
This is the attendance screen. Any incidents such as a tardy or an absence are shown.

12 This is the Settings screen
This is the Settings screen. Here you can change your password, address, and alert notifications. You can choose to be notified by if there are any of the following: Disciplinary Incidents, Unexcused or Unverified Absences, Tardies, Missing or Failed assignments. Keep in mind two things: We update this information every evening—this is not “real time”. You are not notified when it happens, but when we do the update in the evening. Secondly, keep in mind that a Failed Assignment might be for a 5 point homework assignment or for an assignment that will be turned in late due to an absence. Before you get on the horn and start calling the school, check out the information by logging in to Parent Connect and checking it out. There may be a simple explanation that is not a major source of concern.

13 This is the school info page, found by clicking on Support.

14 This is the contacts page
This is the contacts page. This will be populated with addresses that you can click on in order to contact the teachers.

15 Thank you!

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