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Finding Library Materials Mrs. Engvall - Teacher Librarian John Campbell Elementary Using the Text OPAC.

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1 Finding Library Materials Mrs. Engvall - Teacher Librarian John Campbell Elementary Using the Text OPAC

2 Text OPAC Click on the OPAC icon to open the Visual OPAC

3 Text OPAC To get to the text OPAC click on the finger post in the top left corner

4 Text OPAC The text OPAC has many ways for you to find books Title Author Subject

5 Text OPAC Keyword Series Call number AR level And something called MY INFO

6 Text OPAC Clicking this takes you back to the Visual OPAC

7 Text OPAC To search for something, type in the search term here The search term is what you want to find Remember, correct spelling makes it easier!

8 Text OPAC If it is an author, type in their last name. For Mary Pope Osborne, type in osborne And click AUTHOR

9 Here is the list of authors whose last name who are close to osborne. Since we spelled it correctly, the author we are looking for is in the middle and highlighted.

10 Text OPAC If we had misspelled her name, we still could find it if we looked down the list.

11 Text OPAC Make sure the correct author is highlighted (in blue) and then click Select, press the return or enter key on the keyboard, or double click on the blue line.

12 Text OPAC Here is part of the list of books we have in the library written by Mary Pope Osborne.

13 Text OPAC This indicates it is a book This is the title The Call Number And whether it is in or out

14 Text OPAC Highlight the book title you want to see Either double click or click select to get more information

15 Text OPAC Here is the summary Call number Availability Scroll for more information

16 Text OPAC Accelerated Reader information Subjects –Click on these to find other books that are similar

17 Text OPAC You then get a list of SUBJECTS Double click (or click select or press return or enter) for a list of these books

18 Text OPAC You can look further at these titles if you want more information

19 Text OPAC To start a new search, click and highlight the search box

20 Text OPAC Type in your new search term

21 Text OPAC And decide if it is another author, a title, or a subject and click the correct button

22 Text OPAC We get several hits with Cats. If you want a non fiction book, your best bet is to click here

23 Text OPAC If you want a fiction book, highlight and click on the Cats- Fiction

24 Text OPAC You will get a similar list that you can browse and look at individual titles like before Click these to move down or up in the list one title at a time

25 Text OPAC Keyword is useful when you only remember part of a title. Type what you know here

26 Text OPAC And click keyword

27 Text OPAC If you spelled the words correctly you should find what you are looking for.

28 Text OPAC To find which books there are in the library in a particular series, type in the series name and click the series button

29 Text OPAC The name of the series should show up. You can then click on it and get a list of the books

30 Text OPAC To find books in your AR Reading Range and Points range, click here on the AR button

31 Text OPAC This screen is where you to enter your Reading Range And the number of points for a book

32 Text OPAC Click the radio button so you can enter your range (If you dont you will cause the computer to search for everything which will take a long time!)

33 Text OPAC You can use the pop up windows to find your beginning

34 Text OPAC and ending range

35 Text OPAC Or you can click in each box and type in what you want

36 Text OPAC Click on the radio button for the point level you want And type in the point level or range of points Click here or press return

37 Text OPAC You will get a list sorted by call number of all the books in our library that match your range and points

38 Text OPAC However, you can sort this list by any of the columns Here it is sorted by Reading Level

39 Text OPAC This number tells you how many books are in your list Highlight one you are interested in and click select

40 Text OPAC to find out more information. Clicking close will take you back to the list Dont forget to check that call number if you want to find the book on the shelves!

41 Text OPAC Dont remember what you have checked out or when it is due back in? Click on My Info

42 Text OPAC Type in your barcode (student ID number or lunch number) and your last name. Your last name will appear as *******

43 Text OPAC This tells you what you have checked out and when it is due. If you have lost it and need to pay for it, here is the price Your nameteacher

44 Text OPAC Or if arent sure it is your copy, check the books barcode number Click close when you are done Your name Teacher

45 Text OPAC And be sure to click Log Out (otherwise someone else can look at your information!)

46 Text OPAC Learning to use the OPAC is –Fun –Easy –Makes more books easily available to you –Allows you to be a more independent user of the library! Remember to ask for help if you need it

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