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Simulation: An Investigative Tool in the Life Sciences & Engineering.

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1 Simulation: An Investigative Tool in the Life Sciences & Engineering

2 A Simulation Buffet There is a tremendous variety of types of simulations used in science, engineering, and education. Here are just a few to illustrate the diversity of simulations, drawn from the life sciences.

3 Simulating Patient Evaluation Manikins are sometimes used by medical schools to train students to recognize safety risks, communicate effectively and work with other health professionals. University of Missouri, Kansas City. Source: dyer-simulation-center.php

4 Simulating the Interaction of Species This simulation shows the suppression of the red squirrel by the grey squirrel, as happened in large areas of Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. Matthias Grundmann, Graduate Research Assistant. Georgia Institute of Technology. Source:

5 Simulating Cell Functions Science Daily (Nov. 1, 2005) Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have set a new world's record by performing the first million- atom computer simulation in biology. They created a molecular simulation of the cell's protein-making structure, the ribosome. Image by Sanbonmatsu team, LANL. Source: m

6 Simulating Function of an Artificial Heart Biomedical engineers also use simulation when developing new products, such as the JARVIK-7, the first artificial heart. Simulation makes it possible to envision how it will function in the body, and make improvements before trying it in a human. JARVIK-7 artificial heart. NIH Image. Source:

7 Simulation in Science & Engineering The new Washington State Science Standards emphasizes that there are many ways to investigate the natural world. Simulation is one of the most powerful, used by scientists in virtually all fields. Likewise, engineers use simulation as a means of testing their designs and exploring new technologies.

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