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Can We Talk? MICHAEL Conference London May 23, 2008Joyce Ray.

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1 Can We Talk? MICHAEL Conference London May 23, 2008Joyce Ray

2 About the Institute of Museum and Library Services IMLS is the largest U.S. cultural funding agency Budget: FY08 $263,507,000 Mission: To create strong museums and libraries that connect people to information and ideas. Goals: to support the nations 25,000 museums and 122,000 libraries to: –Sustain heritage, culture, and knowledge –Enhance learning and innovation –Support professional development

3 You Say E-Science… We Say Cyberinfrastructure – What are we talking about? A technological solution to the problem of efficiently connecting data, computers and people Research environments that support advanced data acquisition, storage, management, integration and other computing and information processing services over the Internet Sometimes called e-Science, especially in the UK – Wikipedia

4 The Challenges are Global Develop sustainable repositories - find the right economies of scale Enhance discovery & tools to support advanced research & re-use within & across repositories over time Address copyright barriers Build the content landscape

5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology CAD Preservation Research: Frank Gehry architectural documents (2006)

6 Indianapolis Museum of Art The Steve Project Social tagging research using images from more than one dozen museums posted on Facebook

7 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill IMLS National Study on the Use of Libraries, Museums and the Internet Finds positive correlation between use of the Internet and visits to museums and libraries

8 Johns Hopkins University National Virtual Observatory Digital Data Curation Program (2006) Partnership with University of Edinburgh and University of Washington Using OAI-ORE harvesting to preserve publications and data sets

9 University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Research on Enhanced Integration of Search and Discovery Tools (2007) Investigation of advanced metasearch using portal mechanisms and search assistance techniques

10 University of Illinois Urbana Champaign IMLS Collections & Content Registry Research (2003, 2007) Research on OAI-PMH metadata harvesting & metasearch integration

11 Purdue University Data Curation Research (2007) Distributed Data Curation Center Partnership with UIUC Case studies of researcher data/metadata workflow, curation profiles across disciplines, system requirements for managing data in repositories

12 You Say Centre… We Say Center But its all about curation (or stewardship?) of digital data

13 University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Host of the 2010 DCC Digital Curation Conference 2007 Conference in Washington, DC

14 University of Illinois Urbana Champaign New MLS concentration in data curation (2006) Partnerships with science data centers /programs/ms/data_cur ation.html

15 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Digital Curation Curriculum Development (2006) Partnership with National Archives & Records Administration International Conference in 2007 digccurr2007/

16 Exploring New Professional Careers Cultural Heritage Information Professionals Workshop Working across the boundaries of libraries, archives & museums Sarasota Florida April 3-4, 2008

17 Digital Cultural Content Forum Annual meetings in 2001London 2002Washington, DC 2003Florence 2004Banff 2005Oxford 2006Los Angeles 2007Montreal

18 Can We Talk? Visit IMLS at Joyce Ray

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