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Use THIS LINK to get to AutoDesk’s Educational webpage.THIS LINK.

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2 Use THIS LINK to get to AutoDesk’s Educational webpage.THIS LINK

3 On that same page, navigate to the software you want to install. For this demo, I am going to use AutoCAD as an example. Some of AutoDesk’s software is Mac compatible and will be its own link. Make sure you are choosing the right software for your computer.

4 The first thing you need to do is create an account with AutoDesk. Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

5 When you click on CREATE ACCOUNT, the dialogue box on the right will show up. Make sure you enter the information accurately. Use your WHRHS Email! In order to continue with the installation, you must accept the second and third terms & conditions on the list.

6 After you fill out all of your information, you will most likely get a message like the one to the left. Open your school email account and click on the activation link. This link will activate your account and bring you back to the download page. On return to the page, a message should show up saying that your account has been activated and you can continue with your download.

7 Now, in section one, the website should confirm that you are logged in. For section two, you need to know some information about your computer. If you don’t know this information, and you use a PC, go to slide 9. If you use a Mac, the only information you will need is what version OS you have. (It will only work if you have OS X) Once you are sure you have the right information in the 2 nd section, you can click on INSTALL NOW. **Leave the AutoDesk Page open while it installs!

8 The final step before you can download the software is to accept AutoDesk’s License and Services Agreement. You cannot download the software if you do not accept the terms. After you accept the terms of service, a download box will show up. Download the file to your computer. Once it is finished downloading, open the file. The AutoDesk software will give you instructions for installing the rest of the program.



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