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Exercise: A way of life (ch 15) M. Overman Fall 2005.

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1 Exercise: A way of life (ch 15) M. Overman Fall 2005

2 Brain starters Write a 2-3 sentence reaction to the following statement… Exercise should be a way of life. How are exercise and fitness different? Are we society doing enough to teach people about fitness/exercise? How could we increase this?

3 3 main goals for physical activity 1- Good Health 2-Total Fitness 3-Peak Athletic Performance

4 Good Health Moderately active Activities may be free and use no special equipment 30+minutes per day Household task ***if you have been inactive becoming active is more important than the type of activity that you choose***

5 Total Fitness Better you feel more active you will want to become Other areas develop interest Nutrition Lifestyle

6 Peak Athletic Performance Highest potential in sports Practice every day

7 Benefits of Physical Activity Improve appearance Posture Movements Weight (burns calories) 30 min a day (200 cal) = 52,000 cal a yr = 15 pounds of body fat Over time many people experience slow weight gain by eating a few extra calories each day (75- 150 cal)

8 Benefits cont Disease Prevention Heart disease Improve quality of life Improve mental outlook Higher self-esteem Feeling of being mentally refreshed

9 Total Fitness Cardio respiratory fitness Muscular endurance Strength Flexibility Body composition

10 Cardiorespiratory fitness Aerobic activities Large muscles, steady pace Anaerobic activities Use oxygen fast, short intense burst of energy

11 Muscular endurance Use same group of muscles over and over

12 Strength Ability to move objects Usually weight you can lift

13 Flexibility Full range of motion Helps prevent injury

14 Body Composition Percentage of different types of tissues in the body BODY FAT vs Lean Muscle Tissue ***Weight is NOT a reliable indicator of body composition*** Glucose burned first 20 minutes then Fat

15 Assignments Hey, whats normal anyway? worksheet Skip media ad section Work on today Due at end of class!!!

16 Skill Components of Physical Fitness Power Agility Balance Coordination Speed Reaction time

17 Power- maximum in short time Ex: lifting weight, football

18 Agility-Change position of body with speed and control Ex: skiing

19 Balance- keep body in upright position Ex: bicycling

20 Coordination - integrates two or more parts of body at same time Ex: volleyball, tennis

21 Speed-quickness Ex: table tennis

22 Reaction Time- time to respond to a signal Ex: Driving

23 Mind Map of chapter for poster Start today finish later in class Brainstorm ideas Find pics

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