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Shaping Your School Culture

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1 Shaping Your School Culture
can be puzzling…………………

2 What is school culture? "School culture is the set of norms, values and beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, symbols and stories that make up the 'persona' of the school." Kent D. Peterson

3 School Culture and Staff Development
"It affects attitudes toward spending time to improve instruction, motivation to attend workshops, and the activities people choose to participate in." Principals need to "read the school."

4 Why is Culture Important?
Identification Motivation Commitment Value Is there a missing piece in your school?

5 What are your traditions?
Summer picnic Graduation Add examples of traditions at your school. Storyteller or historian ?

6 Puzzle Activity Give your faculty/staff the following choices:
Write words on the puzzle pieces to represent your school culture Draw a picture on the puzzle pieces to represent your school culture Write the title of a movie or song that represents the culture of your school Exchange puzzles and share ideas

7 Schools Are Like Jigsaw Puzzles By Karen Hegeman
Each edge piece of a puzzle interlocks with two others to form the puzzle’s framework and give structure and support to the puzzle as a whole. Each piece has a unique design and cut that ensure just the right place to fit within the puzzle.

8 Each morning, staff members form the edge pieces that interlock to create a safe environment and give support to each other and the whole. Each morning, they provide just the “right place” for each of the students to fit safely and securely. The staff members are strength and stability, and like the edge pieces, they do not stand alone in this responsibility.

9 There are always others to support and assist, ensuring that each and every student has a place.

10 Message to Principals'

11 Welcome Dr. Kent D. Peterson “You are mighty”
Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison B.A. Amherst College M.A. Temple University Ph.D. University of Chicago Author of three books and several journal articles.

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