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Presenters: Michael Faloyin and Wayne Murray

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1 Presenters: Michael Faloyin and Wayne Murray
Best Practices for Developing and Maintaining an Effective Mentoring Program Presenters: Michael Faloyin and Wayne Murray

2 Who is a Mentor? Mentor defines a mentor as
“a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. An influential senior sponsor or supporter.” A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. “A Mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” John C. Crosby

3 What is a NJ GEAR UP Mentor?
Teacher Problem solver Motivator Coach Guide A good mentor is: Interested in helping others succeed Caring Willing to spend time Patient Trustworthy Practical An active listener Inspirational Sensitive to the feelings of others

4 What is a mentee/protégé?
Learner Decision maker Initiator Risk taker Goal setter

5 Academic Vs Summer program
Academic Year Program In-Service/After School Saturday Service Summer Program NJIT Campus Provide flexibility in services rendered especially at the schools and cater to the schools needs

6 Mentor recruitment process
Advertisement Referral from staff and other GU programs NJ GEAR UP applicants through state website Flyers on campus Set up tables at NJIT & Rutgers during on campus events and School based activities Select staff with Passion Similar past experiences or willing to learn cultural difference Dedication Excellent communication skills Relevant education (not a must!) Keen awareness of need

7 Mentor recruitment process contd..
Training Staff/ Orientation NJ GEAR UP statewide mentor training On campus training Round table discussion Continually provide professional development sessions Make use of counselors Program staff Guest speakers Example, address mentor limitations &Proper attire

8 Managing your mentor component
Provide the necessary resources Provide effective tools Handouts Worksheets Activities Media equipment (if applicable) Use of other technology resources Online training Online tutoring Online classes Conducive activity space (adequate privacy) Proper guidelines, an established plan of action and chain of command for reporting issues Counselor referrals Disciplinary referrals

9 Managing your mentor component contd…
Activity logs Incident reports Access to student grades and standardized test scores Proper follow up Plan to address issues as they arise Counseling issues/referral (Counselor referral form) Issues reported by staff or student Issues between staff or students Disciplinary issues

10 Managing your mentor component
Creativity Consistently reinvent your mentor component More activities, less presentations Allow mentors to contribute Do not reinvent the wheel Use internet as a resource Use other programs a resource Think outside the box (youtube videos, books, games etc.) Allow flexibility (with reasonable parameters) Feedback Consistent verbal feedback to and from staff Internal and state Protégé evaluation of mentor Staff evaluations Staff evaluation of program Get input through surveys

11 Managing your mentor component
Make a connection to other components of the program No component can exist as an island Make use of social media Make use of your network at schools and on campus Allocate a time for mentoring activities This will make a well rounded student

12 Things to consider…. Tailor material to your audience Age Gender
Environment What challenges are they facing? What engages them? What do the schools suggest? Include some mentors in the development of your mentor program as well as in maintaining it

13 Keys Areas of Focus Homelessness Sex and Disease Illiteracy
Dressing Appropriately

14 Verbal and Physical Abuse
Illness and Death Verbal and Physical Abuse Drug and Alcohol Abuse

15 Family Issues & Pressure
Bullying Family Issues & Pressure Inappropriate Dating/Relationships Gangs

16 Any Questions?

17 Thank You!!!

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