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Let’s Write a Haiku By Martha Chapman

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1 Let’s Write a Haiku By Martha Chapman

2 Technology Connected Lesson Plan
Lesson Title: Let’s Write a Haiku Curriculum Areas: Literature and English Language Arts Grade Levels: 5-8

3 Louisiana Framework ELA-2-M4 Using narration, description, exposition, and persuasion to develop various modes of writing (e.g., notes, stories, poems, letters, essays, logs); (1,4)  ELA-2-M5 Recognizing and applying literary devices (e.g., figurative language, symbolism, dialogue); (1,4)   ELA-3-M2 Demonstrating use of punctuation (e.g., comma, apostrophe, colon, semicolon, quotation marks, dashes, parentheses), capitalization, and abbreviations; (1,4)   ELA-3-M4 Demonstrating understanding of the parts of speech to make choices for writing; (1,4)  ELA-3-M5 Spelling accurately using strategies and resources (e.g., glossary, dictionary, thesaurus, spell check) when necessary.  (1,3,4,) ELA-5-M1 Recognizing and using organizational features of printed text, other media, and electronic information (e.g., parts of a text, alphabetizing, captions, legends, microprint, laser discs, hypertext, CD-ROM, pull-down menus, keyword searches, icons, passwords, entry menu features); (1,3,4)  ELA-5-M2 locating and evaluating information sources (e.g., print materials, databases, CD-ROM references, Internet information, electronic reference works, community and government data, television and radio resources, audio and visual materials);  (1,3,4,5) ELA-5-M4 using available technology to produce, revise, and publish a variety of works;  (1,3,4)

4 Technology Strategies
5-8 Use multimedia tools and desktop publishing to develop and present computer-generated projects for directed and independent learning activities. (1,4)   5-8 Use technology tools (e.g., multimedia authoring, writing tools, digital cameras, drawing tools, web tools) to gather information for problem solving, communication, collaborative writing and publishing to create products for various audiences. (1.3.4)  5-8 Determine when technology is useful and select the appropriate tools and technology resources to address a variety of tasks and problems. (2) 5-8 Understand Internet concepts (e.g., web site, hypertext link, bookmarks, URL addresses) and apply intermediate on-line searching techniques (e.g., employ keyword, phrases, and Boolean Operators)/ (1,4)

5 Learning Objectives The learner will write haiku poems.
The learner will use the Internet WWW site. The learner will publish work on the Internet.

6 Materials Haiku definition worksheet Write a Haiku PowerPoint

7 Technology Connection
Software A web browsing program Word processing program Kid Pix Deluxe Hardware: A computer with Internet connections A large screen projection device Internet Sites:

8 Lesson Procedure Use a large screen projection device to show the class the Haiku home page. Facilitate a discussion about some of the haiku poems. Practice writing a haiku Discuss the format for a haiku poem using the handout for haiku. Have the students write a haiku poem, using the format shown at Revise, edit, and rewrite the poems using a word processing program. Illustrate the haiku using Kid Pix Deluxe.

9 Assessment Procedure Haiku guidelines Finished haiku poem

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