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TEKS & Activities Desktop Publishing.

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1 TEKS & Activities Desktop Publishing

2 Module Objectives Delineate the strands in the Technology Applications TEKS with examples from Desktop Publishing. Display possible activities for the class. Point to resources for teachers of Desktop Publishing. Copies of the Desktop Publishing TEKS are available in multiple formats. Click on this slide for a 2 page PDF version.

3 Technology Applications Credit
Each student in Texas high schools must have one credit in a Technology Applications course to graduate. Technology Applications Courses include: Computer Science Desktop Publishing Digital Graphics/Animation Multimedia Video Technology Web Mastering

4 Independent Study The Independent Study in Technology Applications is intended to provide opportunities to continue learning technology and design skills. Typically students create a portfolio while they create products for the school or community.

5 Desktop Publishing TEKS
The strands within the Technology Application TEKS are consistent through all grade levels and courses. Foundations Information Acquisition Work in Solving Problems Communications More information about the strands is available from the Technology Applications Center for Educator Development.

6 Foundations Students are expected to:
Make adjustments regarding compatibility. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of a variety of input devices. Use digital keyboarding standards such as em/en dashes, and smart quotation marks.

7 © Foundations Students discuss copyright issues.
Teachers should be aware of and teach fair use limitations. The Web Library hosts a module focusing on Copyright Myths, Facts and Legends.

8 Information Acquisition
Students are expected to: Use strategies to obtain information from a variety of electronic resources citing the sources. Demonstrate the ability to import and export elements. Demonstrate skill in testing the accuracy and validity of the information.

9 Information Acquisition
Learning effective Internet search strategies is an essential part of all Technology Applications courses. After students acquire the information in a variety of formats, the evaluation the accuracy and validity of the information. The Web Library hosts a series of 5 modules focusing on effective search strategies called NetSearch.

10 Information Acquisition
Graphic sources Internet Clip Art CDs Scanned graphics Digital cameras Draw your own

11 Solving Problems Students are expected to:
Distinguish design requirements as they relate to purposes and audiences. Extend the learning environment beyond the classroom. Demonstrate that tasks can be accomplished through technological collaboration.

12 Solving Problems Students are expected to:
Read and use technical documentation. Create technology specifications. Resolve information conflicts. Seek and respond to advice.

13 Communication Students are expected to:
Use the principles of page design. Create a master template. Apply color principles. Use a variety of strategies to create effective designs.

14 Communication Students are expected to: Use printing options.
Distinguish design and printing requirements. Use style sheets. Identify and employ a method to evaluate the project for design, content delivery, purpose, and audience.

15 Strands The four strands in the Desktop Publishing TEKS encourages students to create a variety of documents. The students gain knowledge and learn design skills while actively engaged in projects.

16 Projects The TEKS were designed to give teachers flexibility in the products created. Many classes create documents that are used by the school and community. Each project gives the students opportunities to gain new knowledge and practice different skills.

17 Greeting Cards Designing cards may be a good place to start or a break before a holiday. Creating greeting cards gives the students the opportunity to import a variety of graphics. Placement and wrapping of text around graphics are essential skills in desktop publishing.

18 Vacation Brochure This vacation brochure project emphasizes research and synthesis skills. Students could discuss how audience and purpose could change the design of the project. A tri-fold brochure allows students to practice working with columns, limited space and a two-sided document.

19 Redesigning A Menu A reformatting project is a method to apply design skills. Choosing appropriate graphics for audience and purpose of the project could also be emphasized. This project extends learning beyond the classroom, one of the expectations listed in the TEKS.

20 Desktop Publishing Possible Products
Business cards Notepads Programs Letterhead stationery Magazine covers Advertisements Maps Book jackets CD covers video covers Menus Stationery Newsletters Greeting cards Pamphlets Brochures Invitations The Technology Applications CED web site includes sample course outlines and assignments.

21 Resources One of the best resources is other teachers. They will be able to discuss content, projects, problems and resources. If there is not another teacher within your district, your regional service center may be able to provide contact information for nearby teachers.

22 Resources The accompanying video was edited from a broadcast developed by the Texas Education Agency. The teachers and other leaders were selected as leaders in the field. You may contact the teachers interviewed during this video by visiting the TEA page linked from this slide.

23 Resources Many districts and regional service centers offer assistance. The state funds the Technology Applications Center for Educator Development which develops, collects and shares resources for teaching the Technology Applications TEKS. Visit the Technology Applications Center for Educator Development Desktop Publishing resource page.

24 Resources Professional Development is available through many venues:
Regional service centers Online courses Software venders The Technology Applications Center for Educator Development has links to many professional development opportunities.

25 Educational Technology at TEA
The Texas Education Agency’s Technology web page has many resources related to technology in the classroom.

26 Technology Applications at TEA
The Texas Education Agency’s Technology Applications web site contains specific information and links.

27 Summary The Desktop Publishing course will fulfill the Texas Technology Applications graduation credit. The strands in Desktop Publishing course are consistent with other Technology Applications TEKS and the student expectation provide specific examples. Resources are available for teachers of this course.

28 The Technology Leadership Institute (TLI) is funded by the United States Department of Education's Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology (PT3) Program (Catalyst grant - P342A990323).

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