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EMP: Threat and Mitigation Geoff Billin October 13, 2011.

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1 EMP: Threat and Mitigation Geoff Billin October 13, 2011

2 EMP = Electro-Magnetic Pulse – Specialized nuclear device Generated by: – The sun Effects can be local, regional, national Generally no radiation threat Weapons thought to be available to some adversaries.

3 Effects of EMP Super-large electrical voltages applied to wiring: – Antennas – Power lines (long-distance and local) – Telephone lines – Network cables

4 Effects of EMP (2) Many solid-state devices are affected: – Radios – Desktop computers – Vehicle microprocessors – Cell phone towers – Digital control systems

5 Effects of EMP (3) Devices maybe not affected: – Laptops with no wiring (power/network) – Cell phones (but towers are out of service) – Hand-held radios Military equipment is less susceptible.

6 Cascading EMP Effects Power distribution is controlled by microprocessors, so power is out. Most if not all communication is out. Most vehicles are unavailable. Heating and refrigeration are unavailable. Water cannot be pumped. Food cannot be transported. Medicine cannot be kept cool.

7 Bottom Line Shelter is compromised Water becomes unavailable Food becomes unavailable CHAOS

8 Emergency Managers MANAGE emergencies PLAN for disasters SURVIVE catastrophes

9 On the other hand… An event might not be widespread. Rural and small-town residents may be better able to cope. The event may never occur.

10 Mitigation Store water and food. More than 72 hours! Protect electronic gear: – Faraday cage – Underground Keep a stock of personal medications. Arm yourself (?) Learn how to live a simpler (i.e. 1800s) life for a while.

11 Mitigation - Specific Microwave oven = Faraday cage

12 Good Reading One Second After by William F. Forstchen: A dark novel predicated on a continent-wide EMP attack. Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Lights Out by David Crawford

13 Questions? Comments?

14 Thank you!

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