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Win with PBL! Cindy Rice Van Buren High School

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1 Win with PBL! Cindy Rice Van Buren High School

2 What do we want business students to know and do?

3 Elements of PBL Student Centered Focused on standards, clear learning goals Driven by questions: Essential, Unit, Content Ongoing formative assessments, assess for learning Project involves connected tasks and activities over a period of time Real-world connections

4 Student Centered Students demonstrate knowledge/skills through products and performances that are published, presented or displayed Students think as they work on Blooms highest levelBlooms Variety of instructional strategies Technology supports and enhances learning

5 Develop 21 st Century Skills Learning and Innovation 4 Cs Creativity & Innovation Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Communication & Collaboration Information, Media & Technology Life & Career Skills Flexibility & Adaptability, Initiative, Social, Cultural, Productivity & Accountability, Leadership, Responsibility

6 Types of Projects Service Learning Simulation/role play Construction & Design Problem-solving Real-world learning experiences online with other learners WebQuest

7 PBL 4-Step Process Begin with the end in mindASSESSMENTS Identify Standards-Goals for learning Use questions to frame learning Essential-Big idea Unit-drive instruction & inquiry Content-standards based CCSS & our content Design ActivitiesConnected and completed over time

8 Resources Intel Teach Essentials Online Course Intel Teach Essentials Course Partnership for 21 st Century Skills Blooms Taxonomy Mrs. Rices Teacher Space

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