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Standard Three Teachers know the content they teach.

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1 Standard Three Teachers know the content they teach.

2 Standard Three: Elements: Teachers align their instruction with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Teachers know the content appropriate to their teaching specialty. Teachers recognize the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines. Teachers make instruction relevant to students.

3 21 st Century Teacher Skills Tied to the Standard Creativity Innovation Critical Thinking Problem Solving Communication Collaboration Flexibility Adaptability Technology Literacy Initiative Self-Direction Social Skills Cross-Cultural Skills Productivity Accountability Leadership Responsibility Media Literacy Entrepreneurial Literacy

4 Vision of 21 st Century Schools To succeed in the 21 st century, all students require a solid foundation in core academic subject mastery. In addition, all students must gain the cognitive and social skills that enable them to deal with the complex problems of our age. ~Partnership for 21 st Century Skills

5 How are you helping students become… Critical thinkers? Problem solvers? Good communicators? Good collaborators? Information and technology literate? Flexible and adaptable? Innovative and creative? Globally competent? Financially literate? Civically literate? Health conscious?

6 Carol Frederick Steele Inspired teachers' subject-matter knowledge is extensive, and they know from experience how to organize and present information to make it interesting and memorable to students. They integrate their subject-matter knowledge with other fields and help students to do the same.

7 Are you aligning your instruction with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (a.k.a. Essential Standards)? Secondary Are you utilizing: Pacing guides Learning Bridges Week-by-Week Essentials ClassScape formative assessments Curriculum mapping Departmental/Grade Level planning Vertical articulation (Feeder areas) AP Course Syllabus North Carolina Honors Course Standards CTE Blueprints DPI Secondary Resources

8 How do you determine the content appropriate for your specialty area? Secondary Are you accessing: Pacing guides Learning Bridges ClassScape CTE Blueprints DPI Secondary Resources Content literacy strategies United Streaming EOC Goal Summaries Vertical articulation meetings in the feeder area E-Group electronic information from DPI Journal articles relevant to your curriculum Are you constantly engaged in conversations relative to the depth and breadth of your specialty area?

9 Do you recognize the interconnectedness of content areas/disciplines? Secondary Are you accessing: DPIs Information Skills Integration Strategies (7-8) DPIs Technology Integration for Middle & High Catawba County Schools C & I Resources Catawba County Schools Approved Reading List Vertical alignment K-12 Writing Plan

10 How do you make instruction relevant to students? Secondary What strategies do you employ to make your content relevant to 21 st Century learners? Do you incorporate: Real-world applications 21 st Century skills Project-based learning Conceptual mathematics SIOP strategies Technology

11 The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. -- William Ward

12 SECONDARY WEBSITES o Teaching on the Block languages/resources/flonblock/08adjusting.pdf languages/resources/flonblock/08adjusting.pdf o Best Practices for Teaching and Learning culum/bpractices2.pdf o Theatre and American History m/artsed/resources/handbook/theatrearts/ 11studying o Response to the Framework for Change basis/whitepaper.pdf o Integration of Character Education actereducation/handbook/content.pdf

13 SECONDARY WEBSITES (continued) o Stem-Focused Integrated High Schools superintendent/office/commissions/meetin gs/20090612/stem.pdf


15 Standard Three Teachers know the content they teach.

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