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Government What is a government & how does it work?

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1 Government What is a government & how does it work?

2 A government is a group that is given authority to rule a country Authority to rule comes from popular sovereignty Democracies separate power by using branches, no one branch has more power than the other “checks & balances” Federal Republic (ex: US) Congress: House of Representatives & Senate

3 Parliamentary System (ex: France) ( Parliament: Two HousesPrime Minister President Constitutional Monarchy (ex: Britain) Parliament: House of Lords & House of Commons Prime Minister Monarch Crown Court

4 Members elected by citizens 2 or 6 years (US) Write “bills” usually based on what people they rep. want Approve appointments made by executive branch, power to impeach US Congress British Parliament Each house has a leader(s) Legislative Branch

5 Executive Branch Leader can be elected by people directly/indirectly or born into Signs bills from legislature, making it law. Enforces the laws Power to veto a bill from legislature (2/3 vote overturns veto) Leader(s) appoint a cabinet to help run the country

6 Judicial Branch Evaluates laws to make sure they don’t violate the constitution Jud. Branch is made up of judges and juries, w/ different levels US Supreme Court & Federal judges are appointed by the executive branch and approved by the legislative branch Local judges are usually voted in by the citizens Juries are made up of citizens

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