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Elementary State Testing Training Spring 2011 1. MCA – Estimated Times Estimated Times for Reading MCA-IIs GradeSubject Minutes per Segment (Student Work.

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1 Elementary State Testing Training Spring 2011 1

2 MCA – Estimated Times Estimated Times for Reading MCA-IIs GradeSubject Minutes per Segment (Student Work Only) Minutes per Segment (Total Test Administration) 3-8 Reading35-4550-65 Students should be allowed to continue working on a test as long as they are making progress. Grades 4 & 5 Reading: Seal each of the 4 segments as it is completed Grade 3 Reading test/answer book should never be sealed 2 Estimated Times for Online Mathematics MCA’s and MCA-Modified Student work time only Total Test Administration time Test MCA grades 3-82.5-3 hours 3.5-4.5 Hours

3 Science MCA – Estimated Times Student Work Time does not include time for students to view a short tutorial, time to set up a lab for testing or time to install software for testing. The science tests have 8 -11 scenarios divided into two sections. Sections are electronically “sealed” so that students cannot move from section one to section two without a seal code. Once students move into section two, they can’t return to section one. Estimated Times for Science MCA-IIs Grade Number of Sections Minutes per Section (student work only) Minutes per Section (total test administration) 524560 3

4 Constructed Response No traditional constructed response items in Reading or Mathematics MCA On-line math MCA has technology enhanced items Science MCA still has constructed-response items. No MTELL for 2010-2011. 4

5 Computerized Tests: Math MCA III & Science MCA Test monitor directions web-based presentation either use audio or read aloud to students needs to be projected so students can see them as they listen to audio or as the Test Monitor reads aloud. Headphones must be available to all students. Students are not required to use them. Tutorials and Item Samplers are available as part of preparing for online testing. Tutorial: embedded at beginning of science test Tutorial: stand-alone for math MDE strongly encourages use of tutorials before testing. Audio: Math: Student initiated Science: Auto play 5

6 Sections Math: Multiple sections with about 10 items each When section completed, there is a review screen, then student asked to confirm they are done. Once they move on to the next section, they can not go back No seal codes Entire class can pause test at same time (at different item numbers) and resume later Science Same as before 2 sections Students must complete a section before leaving testing. Seal code needed to open next section. 6 Computerized Tests: Math MCA III & Science MCA

7 Test Monitors: Review the Test Monitor Directions Know how to contact Test Coordinator during testing Remove or cover ALL instructional posters & graphics in classroom or on student desks that are related to the subject being tested. Know testing procedures Know which students need to use specific forms numbers Before Test Day do the following: Are responsible for security of assigned testing materials until returned to test coordinator. Ensure that students follow directions during test administration. 7

8 Test Monitors: Before Students Arrive Check materials to verify that all the tests listed on the top of your Test Monitor Test Materials Security Checklist are in the test book bundles. Make sure you have enough tests and answer books for the students taking the test. Keep testing materials locked and secure Test Monitor Test Materials Security Checklist will have assigned numbered test books/ answer docs to individual students (CRITICAL information for REA) 8

9 9 Be sure to sign

10 Posters-Charts ALL instructional posters and graphics in the classroom or on a student’s desk that are related to the subject being tested must be covered or removed during the administration of a test assessing the subject. This general requirement replaces the policy of removing only those materials a naïve observer might think give an unfair advantage to students. There no longer is a list of materials that can remain visible to students during testing. If the materials are related in any way to the subjects being tested, they must be covered or removed. 10

11 Test Monitors: During the Test Carefully follow the script exactly as written in the Test Monitor Directions Actively monitor students during all testing sessions Do not review, discuss or e-mail test items Make sure students know where a segment ends Make sure students are recording their answers in the right place in the answer book Answer questions about sealing test or test format Maintain a silent testing period throughout the time students are testing Can’t finish? Don’t Start! (students must complete a segment before being excused to lunch/recess, to go home, early snow release…) On day 2, make sure student gets their own answer document Document students who are absent, cheating, or any other unusual circumstance on Test Administration Report. Resist the temptation to review the test items over students’ shoulders. Notify your SAC (School Assessment Coordinator) of any testing irregularities as soon as possible 11

12 Help from Test Monitors Can repeat directions (as written) Can help student understand where the response should go May NOT paraphrase directions May NOT define or pronounce a word within a test item May NOT give an opinion regarding a test item (item is bad, does not have correct answer) May NOT point to words as student reads May NOT read test items to students May NOT change a student’s answer If student feels there is an error, student should continue test and test monitor should report item number, form number, grade, and subject of the item in question (not content of item) Only students are allowed to see test items 12

13 Test Administration Calculators are not allowed on the online Mathematics MCA. Scratch paper Paper-pencil tests: No scratch paper or sticky notes, write in test booklets Grade 3, be careful to not make stray marks near answer bubbles May use scratch paper for online tests (Math MCA-III, Science) Must collect & shred May use highlighters or underline in test books (grade 3 must be careful) Actively walk around the room looking for “wandering eyes” 13

14 Restroom: Students will use the bathrooms before or after the scheduled testing session. In the event of an emergency, the teacher will call the office for an escort to the bathroom. Leaving During Testing Illness/Emergency Student returning: must be accompanied Student returning: may resume testing if test security has been maintained Entire group (fire alarm): turn answer doc face down and exit appropriately. Test monitors must ensure that students do not discuss test Account for ALL students No dictionaries or thesauruses are allowed, No translated materials are available for MCAs. 14

15 Test Monitors: After the Test As test books are returned make sure student’s name is printed on the test book. Collect all test materials after each testing session. Use Test Monitor Test Materials Security Checklist to verify receipt of all test books and answer documents from assigned students BEFORE students leave a testing room. (Very Important) Keep materials locked and secure until they are returned to the School Assessment Coordinator Sign in your secure test materials with your School Assessment Coordinator 15

16 Students who start next segment without permission (p. 103) Looked at 4 or fewer questions: take test book, allow student to finish test when others are taking that segment Cannot change answers to questions already attempted Looked at more than 4 questions: stop student, take test book, student may NOT finish that segment Record on Test Administration Report 16

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