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Assessment Services, SDUSD 1 2014-15 CAHSEE Test Examiner Training.

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1 Assessment Services, SDUSD 1 2014-15 CAHSEE Test Examiner Training

2 2 Before Testing Read and sign Security Affidavit Read the Directions for Administration (DFA) TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

3 3 Before Testing (Continued) Set up the testing room –Students face the same direction and have at least four feet from center of desk to center of desk Cover or erase any information that could clue answers for students Place a ‘Testing, Do Not Disturb’ sign outside the door TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

4 4 Before Testing (Continued) Check out test materials from test site coordinator TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

5 5 During Testing Verify identification of students (only students on the list that you received should be tested) Give pre-identified answer documents to the correct students TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

6 6 During Testing (Continued) Make sure the students use only No. 2 pencils, including essay writing Students should clear their desks –Students are not allowed to use scratch paper or correction fluid –Only No. 2 pencils may be used on the answer document –Students should not have books, papers, cell phones, or any electronic devices on their desks TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

7 7 During Testing (Continued) Hand out the test booklets in the order that you receive them Follow and read the directions exactly as they are written in the DFA Check that students are responding in the appropriate sections and are working independently TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

8 8 During Testing (Continued) Ensure that all electronic devices (cell phones, mp3 players, iPads, etc.) are put away during testing

9 9 During Testing (Continued) Make sure that each student: - Signs name in Box 1 TE - Enters the version number and the barcode number from the back of the test booklet onto the answer document in each portion of the test Assessment Services, SDUSD

10 10 During Testing (Continued) Approximate Testing Times TE Test Day Test Session Approximate Working Time Approximate Total Administration Time Day 1 ELA 12 hours2 hours 30 minutes 21 hour 30 minutes2 hours Day 2 Math 11 hour 30 minutes2 hours 21 hour 30 minutes2 hours Assessment Services, SDUSD

11 11 During Testing (Continued) the test examiner must collect the test booklets and answer documents from the students a proctor or other school staff should escort the students to the designated testing room no students should leave a testing room with the test booklets and answer documents by themselves TE If some students need more time and have to go to another testing room: Assessment Services, SDUSD

12 12 During Testing (Continued) Document incidents on the Test Administration Incident Form, if applicable TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

13 13 After Testing Account for all test booklets and answer documents –Separate the answer documents from the test booklets and make sure that no answer documents are inside test booklets –Separate answer documents by grade You must account for ALL testing materials TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

14 14 After Testing (Continued) Code Box 17 & 24, if applicable TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

15 15 After Testing (Continued) Return the test materials following the procedure your test site coordinator has established TE Assessment Services, SDUSD

16 16 Proctor Responsibilities Attend training with the test site coordinator Read, agree to, sign, and return CAHSEE Test Security Affidavit to coordinator Assist test examiner with the following: –Distribute materials –Monitor students during testing –Collect materials Assessment Services, SDUSD

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