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Geneva, Switzerland, 22 September 2012 FTTx Access in North America, Europe, and Other Regions – Status and Perspectives Martin Carroll, DMTS - Verizon.

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1 Geneva, Switzerland, 22 September 2012 FTTx Access in North America, Europe, and Other Regions – Status and Perspectives Martin Carroll, DMTS - Verizon Joint ITU/IEEE Workshop on Ethernet - Emerging Applications and Technologies

2 Outline FTTx in North America Verizon Other deployments FTTx in Europe FT Vodafone FTTx in Middle East, other regions Etisalat Geneva, 22 September

3 FTTx in North America Geneva, 22 September

4 FTTH Accelerating in North America Geneva, 22 September

5 Percent FTTH Connections by Country 930 North American, 880 U.S. providers 97% U.S. providers have < 10K FTTH connections Geneva, 22 September

6 Verizon: Global Leader Headquartered in NYC Largest U.S. wireless company, with 107.8M total connections Largest 3G & 4G LTE networks in the U.S. Global IP network reaches customers in > 150 countries Over 485,000 route miles First to deploy commercial 100Gb/s ultra-long-haul optical system Average 1 billion calls daily Leading FTTP deployment in North America Geneva, 22 September Advanced foundational platforms

7 FiOS Deployment FiOS Service is available in 12 States & Washington, DC FiOS Internet Launched 2004 Up to 300Mb/s down & 65Mbps up 1Gb/s trials successful FiOS Video/TV Launched HD & 530 SD channels Initial deployment BPON GPON introduced 2007 XG-PON trials successful Over 17M premises passed Geneva, 22 September Stats as of 1H2012 CustomersNet adds in 2Q2012 Penetration (Sales/Premises marketed) FiOS Internet5.1M134, % FiOS TV4.5M120, % FiOS Growth

8 FiOS Architecture Geneva, 22 September Up to 1x32 splitter Video overlay Data path used for VoD and IPTV MoCA for in-home distribution WDM replaced with 2x2 splitter for 1:64 split

9 Successful XG-PON1 Trials Huawei XG-PON1 overlaid on Motorola GPON WDM1r integrates GPON & XG-PON wavelengths Successfully demonstrated: 10G down x 2.5G up capable; 1 Gig home network Coexistence of XG-PON & GPON Geneva, 22 September Gateway Router EDFA GPON OLT XG-PON1 ONT XGPON1 OLT Class 5 Switch GPON ONT PSTN Internet / VOD Broad -cast Video FDH Central Office WDM1r Splitter 1x2 Splitter Test Cart Router STB Test PC FDF Home Network Router STB Converter Coax Cat 5 IP Test Set

10 XG-PON2 Proven XG-PON2 Symmetric 10Gb/s Downstream and Upstream Used existing ODN in Taunton, Massachusetts Alcatel-Lucent equipment Viability demonstrated 10Gb/s upstream channel viable, could be basis for NG-PON2 Support greater upstream bandwidth for adoption on a mass scale of new and emerging business and residential applications Geneva, 22 September

11 Residential Drivers Geneva, 22 September Need for SPEED Consumer speeds increasing at 6-10x every 6 years Throughputs in excess of 1Gbps are expected by 2015 Competitive advantage New services/technologies Gain operational savings via copper replacement Central office consolidation Multi-location 3D HD video conferencing UGC Sharing Larger screens require higher resolution Downloading HD & 3D video content Bandwidth Growth Source: Cisco

12 Central Office Consolidation Opportunity Geneva, 22 September PON Reach at 20km allows Number of COs to reduce to 58 PON Reach is 30km allows Number of COs to reduce to km PON distance appears ideal balance between cost and technology 273 COs

13 Business Drivers Ethernet Services SES ( Switched Ethernet Service) Point to Point or Multipoint Ethernet service 10M, 100M, and GigE UNI options EPL ( Ethernet Private Line) Wireless Backhaul Microcell site support Distributed eNodeB CPRI backhaul Macrocell Ethernet backhaul Optical Services OWS (Optical Wavelength Services) Dedicated wavelength – 10G or 40G Point to point service Various client side handoffs, e.g., Ethernet, SONET, FC etc. OTN (OTU1 – OTU3) SONET (OC3-OC192) EDSR (Enhanced Dedicated SONET Ring) Dedicated fiber in the access loop Geneva, 22 September Services currently supported over GPON will be expanded and enhanced with Verizons 3 rd Generation PON driving economies of scale

14 Access PON Evolution Common platform to support residential and business services Deployable within existing infrastructure Splitter based FTTP architecture Connectorized system RF overlay Coexist with GPON Protection and resiliency options Demonstrated multi-vendor plug-an-play interoperability between OLT and ONUs Fully deployable by 2015 Geneva, 22 September B-PON GPONG-PON Vzs 3 rd Generation PON B-PON Initial Deployment Rates to 30 Mpbs Consumer/Small Business Market 1:32 Splits G-PON Current Deployment Rates up to 400 Mbps Limited Business Circuits OTT Video Improved Economies of Scale: 1:64 Splits

15 3 rd Gen Candidates Geneva, 22 September B-PON ONTs Being Deployed NG-PON2 XG-PON1 G-PON NG-PON2 is best-fit for Verizon Focus Standards and Interoperability development to meet the timeline XG-PON1NG-PON2 System Rate10/2.5 Gb/s40/10 Gb/s Subscriber Rates (up to)2.5 Gb/s Symmetrical10 Gb/s Symmetrical StandardsITU-T G.987 seriesDeveloping ITU-T G.989 series Coexistence with G-PONDemonstrated on Verizon infrastructure To Be Standardized InteroperabilityCurrent activity in FSAN & BBF VIF, ITU, FSAN, & BBF MigrationDemonstrated on Verizon infrastructure Required Availability2011Target 2015

16 Other FTTx Deployments AT&T, CenturyLink have significant FTTC/FTTP deployments Chattanooga public utility (EPB) offered gigabit FTTH for 3 years Google Fiber to launch 1Gb/s in Kansas City fiberhoods in October GigU to deliver 1Gb/s drops in areas around universities Geneva, 22 September Google Fiberhood

17 FTTx in Europe Geneva, 22 September

18 FTTx in 2012 for France Geneva, 22 September

19 Conquest 2015 Geneva, 22 September

20 Geneva, 22 September

21 Portugal Geneva, 22 September As of September 2012, Vodafone has over 35,000 customers on FTTH access. Alface project has been running commercially since September 2010, Libra project has been running commercially since March 2011 Since September 2012, we have 476,000 homes passed. FTTH GPON is the technology used, with analogue/digital video overlay.

22 Capacity Geneva, 22 September FTTH deployments offer much higher bit rates to customer. Vodafone Portugal base offer is 50/5 Mb/s, with Internet Profiles up to 400/40 Mb/s to Residential subscribers. About 80% of our installed base subscribe to IPTV services. On-demand TV service (RestartTV) has increased the overall backhaul traffic and traffic per user. Some copper deployment is not suitable to deploy these bit-rate demanding services as VDSL2 is not viable

23 Interoperability Geneva, 22 September OLT vendors already offer integrated gateways, but with few functionalities - today these gateways cant replace the already deployed CPE + L2 ONT, they are expensive and they cant work in a multi- vendor environment. Vodafones goal is to have an integrated Home Gateway (similar to DSL) that can interoperate in a multi-vendor environment. This will reduce acquisition and retention costs, the amount of equipment installed in customer premises and simplify logistics.

24 Other European Projects Geneva, 22 September Vodafone Germany has two FTTC trials under way in the cities of Wuerzburg and Heilbronn. Vodafone Italy is starting a project to deliver FTTH services with GPON technologies in Milan by using the Metroweb fiber network

25 FTTx in the Middle East, Other Regions Geneva, 22 September

26 Geneva, 22 September

27 Geneva, 22 September

28 Geneva, 22 September

29 Geneva, 22 September

30 Geneva, 22 September

31 Geneva, 22 September

32 Geneva, 22 September

33 Geneva, 22 September

34 Geneva, 22 September

35 African Projects Geneva, 22 September Vodafone Ghana is deploying FTTC for increasing data rate to customers by using GPON as technology for backhauling street cabinet DSLAMs Vodacom South Africa is staring a project for delivering FTTH services to business and high spending residential customers using GPON technology

36 Australia and New Zealand Geneva, 22 September In Australia, NBN Co will deploy 181,000 km of GPON network, and 57,000 km of transit backhaul. Aerial drop fibre to be used for 25% of households Provides a bitstream service with equal service terms to all ISPs, including Telstra, which will lose control of the copper. High interest in an open PON solution to overlap to their initial GPON in order to give ISP freedom to install their own OLT at the Central Office In New Zealand, the government is deploying a NZ$1.5 billion UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband Initiative) access fibre network through Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH). FTTH to be available to 75% (800,000 homes and businesses ) of the New Zealand market by 2019 Vodafone New Zealand will buy Layer 2 products from the LFCs to deliver FTTH in the retail market. GPON for residential and point to point for large businesses. 100Mbps down and 50Mbps up.

37 THANKS! Geneva, 22 September

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