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Membership Extension Dan Garrison, PDG Rotary International Membership Zone Coordinator.

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1 Membership Extension Dan Garrison, PDG Rotary International Membership Zone Coordinator

2 Extension Is the organizing of new clubs Has been a major portion of Rotary’s membership growth Offers opportunities for service to members of the new club Provides service to the new club’s community

3 Consider Extension When a community grows large enough to have enough classifications When an existing club outgrows its meeting place When the opportunities for service are greater than the current club’s capabilities When other service clubs are folding in a community with no Rotary Club

4 Advantages of Extension Offers more opportunity for service Strengthens existing clubs Serves community needs Offers make up opportunities Offers a time choice to members Strengthens Rotary through numbers and commitment

5 How to organize a new club Contact your district governor (or district extension committee) Inform the club and district administration representative (CDA) for Western North America (James Damato) Consult chapter two (The District) in the Manual of Procedure Conduct the Organization of New Club Survey (available for download from

6 How to organize a new club Organization of New Club Survey is signed by district governor and submitted to RI District governor appoints special representative to oversee process New Club Sponsor Form is submitted to RI by club(s) agreeing to act as sponsor club Potential charter members are recruited

7 How to organize a new club New Club Application Form with charter fee and list of charter members signed by district governor and special representative submitted to RI Board of Directors Charter is presented to new Rotary club after approval

8 Recruiting Charter Members Consider the following resources: Leading businesses and organizations in the area Current Rotarians in neighboring clubs who might find the meeting time more convenient Former Rotarians in the area Retirees who previously held executive positions Local and business telephone directories Directories of other professional groups

9 Roles and Responsibilities District Governor Organization of new clubs Appointing a district extension committee Approving and transmitting an official Organization of New Club Survey to RI Appointing the special representatives Reviewing and signing the new club application Presenting the charter to the new Rotary club

10 Roles and Responsibilities District Extension Committee Identify communities without Rotary clubs Identify communities where additional Rotary clubs could be established Assisting, organizing, and establishing new clubs as assigned by the district governor

11 Roles and Responsibilities Special Representative Represents the district governor in organizing the club Convenes a planning meeting with members of the sponsor club Determines the division of responsibilities among the special representative, sponsor club, and organizing group Assures that recruitment of charter members meets requirements of RI Provides assistance the new club will need to get started successfully

12 Roles and Responsibilities Sponsoring Rotary Club Should serve as mentor to the new club and report to the district governor for at least a year Assist the special representative in planning and organizing the administrative processes of the new club Help to organize the initial projects and programs of the new club Guide the new club in its development in RI

13 Roles and Responsibilities Charter Members Determine locality Establish club name Adopt the standard Rotary Club constitution Determine meeting location and time Adopt club bylaws and committee structure Elect club board and officers Establish club fees and dues

14 Tools for Extension Rotary International Membership Publications at Zone Chair – Val Scanlan Zone Coordinators - Lynne Baker, Dan Garrison RI CDA for Zone 25 – James Damato Your District Governor Past District Governors Enthusiasm Focus

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